The backup light move connects to your transmission and also turns on when you shift into reverse. This switch lets motorists know the you space backing up.

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Step 1: remove the battery. Usage the box finish wrench come disconnect the terminals linked to the battery.

Once the terminals space removed, use a socket wrench to remove the battery organize down bracket if there is one. This bracket will certainly be secured through two bolts or nuts. These nuts or bolts are typically sized 10mm.


Step 2: eliminate the battery tray. Use the socket wrench to remove the nuts or bolts holding down the battery tray and remove the tray.


Step 3: remove the waiting filter box. There is either a squeeze-type clamp or a screw-type clamp holding the intake pipe to the filter box.

Using one of two people pliers or a screwdriver, remove this clamp and also disconnect the pipe from the box.

Remove package after removed the bolts securing package to the vehicle.


Step 4: effort to locate the back-up light switch on the top side the the transmission. On some vehicles, the switch may be visible at this point.

If you have a transverse (sideways) an installed engine, you have to be looking at the peak side of her transmission.

Examine the electric connector on the brand-new switch and look because that a sensor plugged into the transmission through the exact same amount that wires coming the end of it, and also a comparable looking electrical connector. If you discover the sensor and can accessibility it indigenous above, skip to Part 2.


Step 5: effort to find the back-up light move on the bottom side of the transmission. Jack increase the front finish of the vehicle and also secure the vehicle with jack stands.

Typically a splashguard will should be removed if the automobile has a transverse mounted engine. That is usual to discover 10mm bolts or Phillips head bolts retaining the splashguard. Remove it to reveal the bottom the the transmission. In ~ this allude you should have the ability to locate the sensor on the transmission.

Tip: This switch will certainly be situated in different locations depending on the type of vehicle. Most contemporary passenger cars currently on the road have transverse (sideways) an installed engines v transmissions closer to the former of the vehicle. On plenty of trucks or behind wheel journey vehicles, the infection is normally located furthermore back, and only easily accessible from under the vehicle.

Part 2 that 2: Remove and also replace the backup light switch

Materials Needed

GlovesOpen finished wrench (the size forced for the switch)


Step 1: Disconnect the electrical connector. To express the tab ~ above one next of the connector and also disconnect the move from the wiring harness.

Sometimes there is a retainer clip holding the wire to a nearby bracket to store it secured and also out that the way. Gently remove any kind of retainer clips found.

Tip: wear one glove on the hand hold the harness side of the connector if the connector is stubborn.

Step 2: use an open ended wrench to loosen the switch. As soon as the move is removed, change it v the new switch and carefully tighten the switch ago into the transmission.

Tighten the firmly but do not use excessive force as the transmission case is commonly aluminum and also you carry out not desire to piece the threads.

Step 3: Reconnect the move to the wiring harness. As soon as the electric connector is plugged ago in, make sure to replace any type of retaining clips girlfriend may have actually removed in ahead steps.

Step 4: Reinstall the disconnected parts. If you finished up under the car, change the splashguard and also hand tighten the bolts.

Lower the vehicle and reinstall the air box, making certain to reconnect the input hose and replace the clamp.

Reinstall the battery tray, the battery, and the battery host down bracket. Twin check every one of your work prior to reconnecting the battery. Reconnect the battery and get a friend to verify the lamp work.

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If after reading this, girlfriend still don’t feel comfortable attempting this on your own, one of our cell phone mechanics at will be happy to change the back-up light switch at your residence or office.