Pressurized Water Fire Extinguishers User Guidelines

Use for course A Fires

What kind of fires can be extinguished with pressurized water extinguishers?

Class A fires only which show off "ordinary combustibles" - wood, paper, household rubbish, cloth, rubber, and many plastics.

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What is the proper method to use a course A, 2-1/2 pound water extinguisher?

There are four an easy operating steps. Think of words "PASS" come remember the steps.

Pull the pin. Hold the extinguisher v the nozzle pointing away from you, pull out the pen located listed below the trigger. Note: Lifting the extinguisher by the manage will not activate the extinguisher.Aim low. Stand at a safe street from the fire (the water stream will certainly reach at the very least 30 feet). Point the extinguisher nozzle at the prior edge at the base of the fire (the lowest point of the fire nearest you). Psychic - extinguishers space designed come be activate in an upright position. Always hold the extinguisher vertically. Never cradle it horizontally or at an angle in her arms. If it is too heavy to host properly, ar on floor next to you and operate.Squeeze the trigger. Squeeze out slowly and also evenly. This activity will release the water and also expel it with the discharge nozzle. Frequently, that is much more effective to create a water spray by putting your finger end the end of the nozzle (as girlfriend would with a garden hose).Sweep from next to side. Together the pressurized water is expelled, move the nozzle from side to side at the base of the fire. As the fire closest come you goes out, you might move closer to the fire and also continue the sweeping activity until the fire is extinguished. Remember, hold the extinguisher upright. If the fire does no diminish immediately, get out the the building.

Once activated, can a pressurized water extinguisher be turned off?

Yes, stop squeezing the trigger and the stream of water will be turned off. In truth it might be finest to perform this when repositioning you yourself in relationship to the fire when necessary.

How much will the water present reach?

The horizontal variety of the pressurized water stream will certainly reach a distance from 30 come 40 feet.

How lengthy will it require to use increase the 2-1/2 gallons of water in an extinguisher?

The almost right time come discharge the 2-1/2 gallons the water is one minute.

How does the water put out a fire?

Water efficiently puts out a fire through cooling the fuel (burning combustibles) to a suggest below the temperature in ~ which the fire can continue to burn or reignite.

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What space the benefits and disadvantages of pressurized water fire extinguishers?

It is dangerous to usage water because that fires entailing flammable liquids and also energized electrical equipment as the applications of water spreads the fire and also serves as a conductor the electricity. The use of the extinguishers must be limited to extinguishing ordinary combustibles.

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