I cannot anxiety it enough. Make backups, be all set to shot again. I have actually multiple duplicates at miscellaneous stages of the process, each plainly named v the phase of the procedure so I deserve to go ago if needed, at the most, a couple (real time) hours, probably a sim Day or two have passed so nothing as well drastic to recover.

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This procedure uses MC Command - a mod for the Sims obtainable fromMC Command facility modules because that The Sims 4-- a few console command cheats room used as well which are an easy to form into the console home window or to copy and also paste native this document.
I have had some questions concerning the opportunity of recovering tombstones without utilizing MC Command. I did part trial runs and also I don"t think it"s completely possible. I depend on MCC to reveal the surprise households, this is wherein the ghosts seem come be situated when they aren"t roaming the lots. Hidden households are accessed despite the mailbox utilizing MC Command and also when clicked will show a variety of nameless ghosts which deserve to then be included to a utility household for producing tombstones that have the right to then be released, or placed relying on what you desire to carry out with them. More details below. Some ghosts will display up in hidden households on chance that have currently been released via tombstone till they have been cleaned through the system. This ghosts cannot be summoned also if included to a household and also just remain inactive and also unaccessible.

Nameless Ghosts in control Household after Hidden family members revealed


Use a space and edit the ghost

exit earlier out and also the ghost will have actually a name

I would imply doing this utilizing a utility/throw-away sim, or together I"ve done here, over there is an secret home and also my utility sim is happily concealed away native the carnage, play the piano through no proviso of what is walking on above her. When I an initial did this, I collection my lot together residential then adjusted it to a generic and decorated as a cemetary. Currently I load a energy sim right into an north lot, travel to the cemetary and also send her down to the piano.

Underground Area for utility Sim

It is a little bit tricky learning who deserve to pick increase a tombstone, depending upon who the sim is the died and also their relationship to that is choose up the stone. Ns went v a couple of saves, and backup copies working that out and also suggest do a back-up save prior to doing crucial steps through sims/ghosts that you don"t want lost permanently. The finest option I discovered was to pick up the newly developed tombstones with the utility sim after ~ I had actually finished make them and also travel come the residence of the sim I pat most. I then opened my inventory and also left every the urns on her doorstep.

Utility Sim delivering Summoned Urns

I then saved and also exited to manage worlds, and loaded increase my normal sim. The urns were wait for me. Clicked every one, placed in inventory then got in Household Management, turned off my energy sim (I didn"t want her showing up with every the ghost ties from adding them to her family to summon/reanimate etc), readjusted the lot to generic, travel to the lot through my usual sim, inserted the tombstones, decorated and my graveyard is complete! mine sims now have a cemetery for mourning your ancestors and I no longer have actually generations of ghosts haunting me and also destroying my plumbing every night!

Regular sim Collecting Summoned Urns

I maintained the game paused for many of this to keep influence on my other families at a minimum images are contained to aid illustrate as much as possible.
I"ve contained his video here, it can also be uncovered on Youtube, it"s a an excellent demonstration that this page and I really appreciate his initiative in do the video :)

Tombstone recovery Walk-through

Control+Shift+C to open the cheats console
form - "testingcheats on" (no quotes, you should gain a message back "Cheats are enabled")
I change click top top the mail box before starting and choose "Alter Needs", choosing "Fill Needs(household)" climate repeat and choose "Disable family needs decay". This simply keeps anyone happy while friend manipulate things.
ns have uncovered you can include ghosts that room in your household Management window so you deserve to simplify this step. If you have actually ghosts there is no names reflecting (after using "show surprise households" in ~ the mailbox in MC Command because that example) and are uncertain who they are, give them a solitary letter then modify them and also you will see their name, exit out and also rename the ghost, delete lock if not needed, or simply include to your utility sim"s household in the management window and skip the summoning step. You can do 7 at a time, run though every the steps, then unpause and also watch as all associated fall in unison.
Click top top the letter box and select the "MC Cheats..." buttonSelect Summon SimType the full name of the ghost you want to involved your lot, you have to see a an alert window an answer that SIM_NAME will certainly be appropriate over!Cancel the MC Command window and summary unpause the game.. You need to see the ghost show up on the sidewalk of your lotShift click on the Summoned SimSelect "add to Family" pause again if you want to save your timers down on various other lot
OPTIONAL I"ve been using The Plum Tree app to document my Sims household tree and have been using the moment my sim is lively to obtain a screen catch of them. If you want to obtain a picture of them younger, enter the cheat cas.fulleditmode in the console window.

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Click on her simchoose "MC Command Center""Modify family in CAS"make your changes,grab your display screen shots(age them earlier to Elder before exiting)
Grimmie will come along, take your sim and also leave friend the tombstone/urn which you can collect through your utility sim and move to a place of her choosing.