The house at the north-western edge has a Fisherman who"ll give you an Old Rod, which enables you to catch Magikarp.Go southern a bit, and you"ll uncover two homes to the left. One of the homes is whereby you can trade aSpearow for a Farfetch"d. The other residence is the Pokemon pan Club. Talk to the chairman inside to gain a bike Voucher.

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In the Pokemon Center, talk to the girl standing in former of the counter for a VS Seeker. This device allows you come rechallenge trainerswho have trained your Pokemon come be also stronger than the very first time you battled them. Come activate the VS Seeker, simply stand approximately acouple of trainers and also select the item. Trainers who space hoping approximately are the ones that will fight you again.

Now go earlier to Cerulean City, obtain yourself a bike indigenous the bike Shop, and come back in style!

All plank The S.S. Anne!

The S.S. Anne might seem small, yet it"s vast inside. It can be foundby going south of Vermillion City, and "flashing" your S.S. Ticket to the guard. If you exploreeach and every room inside, you"ll find tons that trainers and also quite a few items. A girl in the 2nd room indigenous the best on the key deckcan heal your injured Pokemon. In the ship"s kitchen, you"ll be able to find your an initial Berries, 3 of castle to be exact, in the garbage cans. From now on,all Berries will be save on computer in your brand-new Berry Pouch. To finish your remain at the S.S. Anne, fight Gary top top the second floor.

After beating him, go approximately the captain"s cabin. He"s seasick and puking. Obstacle his earlier and he"ll provide you HM01 - Cut. Now leave the ship. As soon as you"re outside, the ship will sail away. Remember: if you don"t gain Cut, the delivery won"t leave. If you desire the S.S. Anne to stay, shed to a trainer after getting Cut. Currently teach cut to among your Pokemon, and also you"re prepared to walk to the gym.

A Shocking Battle

Cut the tree blocking the course to the gym and go inside, where you"ll confront a few trainers that use electrical Pokemon. Currently comes the difficult part: Lt. Surge, the gym leader, has put electric locks top top the door the leads come him, for this reason you"ll have to solve a puzzle. There space a bunch that trash cans. Press "A" ~ above every among them till it says that you"ve found and flipped a switch. You should flip two switches because that the door come open, therefore you"llneed to discover the second switch. The second switch is constantly either is constantly either above, beside, or below the very first one. If you gain it wrong, the switch will be reset, and also you"ll have to do everything over again. This is a verytricky and also sometimes annoying puzzle, however hopefully, you"ll obtain it sooner or later. And when girlfriend do open the doors, it"s time come fight Lt. Surge.

Lt. Surge has actually the following Pokemon: a lv. 21 Voltorb, a lv. 18 Pikachu, and a lv. 24 Raichu. Beating him v a Ground-type Pokemon is as simple as tossing a PokeBall, and also catching one is easy too. You have the right to catcha Diglett or also a Dugtrio in the surrounding Diglett"s Cave. If you beat him, he"ll offer you TM34 - Shock Waveand a Thunder Badge.

Diglett"s Cave

If you go east from Vermilion City, you"ll find Diglett"s cavern on course 11.This cave is no maze. It"s simple to go through because there"s only one road. There room no items to pick up. The onlyPokemon you"ll discover are Diglett and also the occasional Dugtrio. Head inside and also go come the other finish to go back to path 2 for some essential business.

Locations (Diglett"s Cave)

Back On path 2

After you leave the cave, you"ll revisit path 2. However this time, it"s the other half of the route that you weren"t may be toexplore before. Walk south, and you"ll uncover a house. Inside, a guy is ready to trade his Mr. Mime for your Abra.

The next house has actually one of Prof. Oak"s aides in it. If you"ve collected ten or an ext Pokemon he will give you HM02 - Flash. It"s offered to illuminate dark caves and also tunnels. Save on going for two items.

Route 11

Go ago through the cave and also go east when you gain out. You"ll be on route 11. There are countless trainers, manyitems, and a totality lot that grass. As soon as you with the gate, among Prof. Oak"s aides will certainly be upstairs. If youhave recorded up come thirty Pokemon, he"ll give you an item Finder. This item help you detect concealed items thatcannot it is in seen. There"s additionally another trainer that"ll profession you a Nidorina for a Nidorino. Friend can"t go to the various other side since there"s a Snorlax blocking the way. Currently go ago to Cerulean City and also cut the tree the was prevent the way. Then you"ll gain onto course 9.

Locations (Route 11)

Route 9

On course 9 you"ll be battling many trainers. Here, you"ll find TM40 - Aerial Ace. To with the end ofthis route, just keep on going east, where you"ll arrive at path 10.

Locations (Route 9)

Route 10

Route 10 is short for now. You"ll view some water. As soon as your Pokemon learns Surf, it have the right to surf tothe strength Plant, just south of course 10. Make certain that you have taught one of your Pokemon the speed HM in order to go into Rock Tunnel.

There"s a Pokemon center for you to heal her Pokemon here. One of Prof. Oak"s aides is here. If you"ve captured at least twenty Pokemon, he"llgive you the Everstone. Let her Pokemon host the Everstone, and they won"t evolve.

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Locations (Route 10)

Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel needs that her Pokemon understand Flash, otherwise, you"ll only be able to seea tiny bit. Choose Mt. Moon, rock Tunnel is a maze. There are items, trainers, and new Pokemon here. Here, you"ll meet a Pokemon every eight come ten steps, i beg your pardon is an ext than normal. Use Repel if girlfriend don"t want to fulfill too many wild Pokemon. After ~ you exit the tunnel, you"ll struggle a few trainers, and also will then be heading come Lavender Town.