In Calhoun, Georgia there is a historic site that is among the most impactful because that this an ar and for American history. New Echota is the ar of the resources of the Cherokee nation and the ar for the begin of the trail of Tears.

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In 1825 the Cherokee board of directors named brand-new Echota the Cherokee country Capital. By 1830 the ar had 70 residents, a main street 60 feet wide and side streets 50 feet wide, 100 one-acre town lots and also a two-acre town square.



Cherokee people lived in ring log and also hewn log in buildings. These buildings were constructed in the early 1800s and moved come this residential or commercial property to present the top middle class Cherokee farmstead common of brand-new Echota at the time. By 1837 over there were end 4,000 Cherokee buildings in the Georgia section of the Cherokee Nation.



The Cherokee Phoenix publish Shop was located in the center of town and also the hub of city activities. Distinct printing kind in both English and also Cherokee were cast for the Union style press. In 1828 the an initial edition that the Cherokee Phoenix was printed.

The Cherokee supreme Court met every year to hear situations appealed from reduced district courts. The Cherokee country had no prison system, if you were convicted of a crime you to be either hanged, whipped, or fined.

The Worcester house is the only original structure at brand-new Echota. The was developed by the Reverend Samuel Worcester to be the family home and also mission station.

“Rev. Worcester to be arrested in 1831 because of his refuse to achieve a permit from Georgia to reside in the Cherokee Nation. The situation was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court wherein Worcester and the Cherokees won, however the State the Georgia ignored the U.S. Supreme Court ruling and continued its annexation of Cherokee land. Worcester and his family members were compelled from the house in 1834 as soon as a Georgian who obtained title to it in the 1832 soil Lottery confiscated it.” (Historic site brochure)

Worcester moved west to proceed serving the Cherokee Nation. The home was inhabited by various households until 1952 and also was revitalized in 1959.

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Around the home are these hand-crank speaker boxes the tell the story of new Echota as soon as wound up.

The trail of Tears started on might 26, 1838, when the united state Government began the forced removal of much more than 16,000 Cherokee Indian people from your homelands in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

First required to removal camps and also then later forced to take trip by wagon, ~ above horseback, or on foot during October and also November 800 mile west come Oklahoma, getting here in January, February, and March. Thousands passed away due come disease, exposure come harsh weather, and also sickness throughout their capture, imprisonment, and removal.

New Echota State historic Site

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Tuesday-Saturday 9AM - 5PMSundays 1PM - 5PM (December - march closed on Sundays)Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new Year’s Day

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