According come a selection of sources, including people Atlas, Madagascar v a coast of 4,828km sits at the peak of the perform of the longest coast in Africa. Madagascar, ~ above the various other hand, has actually an advantage over other nations with coastlines. Madagascar is an island, a large island. This way that the nation is fully surrounded by water and so by default, that enjoys considerable coastline. Madagascar consist of an area the 587,040 km2 making the the fourth biggest island in the world. Simply to provide you some context in ~ how large an island Madagascar is, the entire United Kingdom covers an area that 242,495km2, which way it deserve to fit snuggly inside Madagascar and also still leave room for Lesotho, Switzerland and new Zealand to every snuggle in.

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With increasing, globalization shores have come to be even much more important for countries, lock can carry out a country with a substantial strategic benefit in the kind of ports which play a significant role in worldwide trade and economic development. Together such, the nations with substantial coastlines counting themselves lucky while the land-locked countries walk the sensitive diplomatic heat to ensure they make and also keep friend with coastline countries so the they acquire port access.


So the huge question is, which country in mainland Africa has the longest coastline? might you assumption: v it just by looking at the afri map? here is the top 10 list….

Madagascar (4,828 km)Somalia (3,333 km)South Africa (2,798 km)Mozambique (2,470 km)Egypt (2,234 km)Eritrea (2,234 km)Morocco (1,835 km)Libya (1,770 km)Angola (1,600 km)Namibia (1,572 km)

Any surprises on this list, leaving a comment below….

source people Atlas

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