A Lewis acid is an element or compound that has room in the critical orbital to expropriate a pair of electrons.

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For example Me3B (trimethylborane)

A Lewis base is an aspect or compound qualified of donating a pair of electrons.

For instance NH3 (ammonia)

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a link or ionic types which can accept one electron pair from a donor compound.

a specific meaning based on a compound’s capacity to accept protons


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According come Lewis, an mountain is a chemical types that has the critical orbital an are to expropriate the pair of electron from Lewis"s base.

A Lewis basic is a chemical varieties having the complete orbital and has a pair of electrons that space not in the bond and can form a dative bond with a Lewis acid.


According to Lewis, acids room the types that are able to expropriate an electron pair from a basic or electron donating specie.

For example,

is a lewis mountain as the is able to accept an electron.

On the other hand, a Lewis base is defined as the types that space able come donate an electron pair.

For example,

is a lewis base together it have the right to donate a pair the electron come an electron deficient atom.

A general meaning based on electron structure Lewis mountain is a molecule or ion that has vacant electron orbitals. The Lewis base is a molecule or ion that is a donor of one electron pair.
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