1. What method can be provided by two computer systems to ensure the packets are not dropped because too much data is being sent out too quickly?


flow control*

access method

response timeout

2. What kind of interaction will send a blog post to all tools on a neighborhood area network?





3. What process is used to location one blog post inside another message for transfer from the source to the destination?

access control



flow control

4. A web client is sending out a inquiry for a webpage come a net server. Native the perspective of the client, what is the correct order that the protocol stack that is used to prepare the request for transmission?

HTTP, IP, TCP, Ethernet

HTTP, TCP, IP, Ethernet*

Ethernet, TCP, IP, HTTP

Ethernet, IP, TCP, HTTP

5. I beg your pardon statement is correct around network protocols?

Network protocols define the kind of hardware the is used and also how that is mounted in racks.

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They specify how messages are exchanged in between the resource and the destination.*

They all function in the network accessibility layer the TCP/IP.

They room only forced for exchange that messages between devices on far networks.

6. Which statement is true around the TCP/IP and OSI models?​

The TCP/IP deliver layer and also OSI layer 4 provide comparable services and functions.​*

The TCP/IP network accessibility layer has similar functions come the OSI network layer.​

The OSI layer 7 and the TCP/IP application layer carry out identical functions.

The an initial three OSI layers define general services that room also provided by the TCP/IP internet layer.​

7. What is an advantage of using requirements to develop and also implement protocols?

A certain protocol have the right to only be imposed by one manufacturer.

Products from different manufacturers deserve to interoperate successfully.*

Different manufacturers are complimentary to use different requirements when implementing a protocol.

Standards provide flexibility because that manufacturers to develop devices the comply with distinctive requirements.

8. What three application layer protocols are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite? (Choose three.)







9. What space proprietary protocols?

protocols occurred by private establishments to operate on any seller hardware

protocols that can be openly used by any organization or vendor

protocols developed by organizations who have control over their meaning and operation*

a arsenal of protocols recognized as the TCP/IP protocol suite

10. What is an benefit of network tools using open standard protocols?

Network communications is confined to data transfers in between devices indigenous the very same vendor.

A customer host and a server running various operating equipment can effectively exchange data.*

Internet accessibility can be managed by a single ISP in each market.

Competition and innovation are restricted to specific types of products.

11. Refer to the exhibit. If Host1 were to move a paper to the server, what great of the TCP/IP model would it is in used?


only application and Internet layers

only Internet and network access layers

only application, Internet, and also network accessibility layers

application, transport, Internet, and also network accessibility layers*

only application, transport, network, data link, and also physical layers

application, session, transport, network, data link, and physical layers

12. Which 3 layers that the OSI model are similar in duty to the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.)





data link



13. At which class of the OSI design would a logical resolve be encapsulated?

physical layer

data link layer

network layer*

transport layer

14. Which PDU layout is used when bits are received from the network tool by the NIC the a host?





15. I m sorry PDU is processed once a host computer is de-encapsulating a message at the deliver layer that the TCP/IP model?





16. Refer to the exhibit. HostA is attempting to call ServerB. Which 2 statements correctly define the addressing that HostA will generate in the process? (Choose two.)

A packet v the location IP deal with of RouterB.

A structure with the location MAC deal with of SwitchA.

A packet with the location IP deal with of RouterA.

A frame with the destination MAC attend to of RouterA.*

A packet through the destination IP resolve of ServerB.*

A frame with the destination MAC attend to of ServerB.

17. Which address does a NIC use once deciding even if it is to expropriate a frame?

source IP address

source MAC address

destination IP address

destination MAC address*

source Ethernet address

18. What will occur if the default gateway address is erroneously configured ~ above a host?

The organize cannot communicate with other hosts in the neighborhood network.

The switch will certainly not front packets initiated by the host.

The host will need to use ARP to identify the correct deal with of the default gateway.

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The organize cannot communicate with hosts in other networks.*

A ping indigenous the host to would certainly not it is in successful.

19. I beg your pardon characteristic describes the default gateway that a hold computer?

the logical attend to of the router interface on the same network as the hold computer*

the physical attend to of the switch interface associated to the hold computer

the physical address of the router user interface on the exact same network as the organize computer

the logical resolve assigned come the switch interface linked to the router

20. Enhance each description to its corresponding term. (Not all choices are used.)



21. Complement the protocol function to the description while taking into factor to consider that a network customer is visiting a net site. (Not all options are used.)



22. Enhance the summary to the organization. (Not all choices are used.)