1s2 2s2 2p2Explanation:We are given that carbon has actually atomic number 6. This method that carbon has 6 electrons.1- The an initial level is composed of just one sublevel (s sublevel) and also can host only two electrons. Therefore, the first two carbon electrons will occupy 1s22- The 2nd level is written of 2 sublevels (s sublevel and also p sublevel). The s sublevel deserve to hold just two electron while the ns sublevel have the right to hold increase to 6 electrons. Due to the fact that only 4 carbon electrons are to accounting the second level; two of them will certainly be in the s sublevel (2s2) when the other two will occupy the p sublevel (2p2)Combining the above, we will discover that the configuration of carbon is:1s2 2s2 2p2Hope this help :)

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BeWhat direction perform you guess the addition of a basic to the solution containing bromophenol blue will drive the equilibrium? E

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Le Chatlier"s rule expresses that once a device in equilibrium is excited by external changes, the mechanism reacts by changing the equilibrium concentration of its segments to together an level that the annoptcouncil.netnce is invalidated and also accomplishes one equilibrium state at this bothered condition, through equilibrium concentrations not quite the very same as in the past.

Bromothymol blue is a phenolic suflone the demonstrations a weak mountain in aqueous media. Being a weak acid, it doesn"t ionize totally and also builds increase a harmony v its related and also separated structure.

From Le Chatlier"s guideline, it very well might be uncovered out that when a strong acid is included, the last"s perfect separation, without structure of equilibrium causes a spike in the proton concentration in the medium. This expansion in proton concentration is the outer bother and the structure will reaction by moving to one side, subsequently protonating more dianions of bromothymol v an end goal to invalidate the proton concentration increment.

Thus, once a base is included, that devours the protons in the medium to shape water. In this way, the concentration of protons in the medium declines. Come repay this change, the equilibrium reaction by shifting to the privilege i.e., it provides a greater amount the the unbiased reminder separate right into the dianion and also protons, hence endeavors to invalidate the bother.