Ground state, since electrons want to be in the lowest power position as possible, i beg your pardon is closer come the cell nucleus of the atom.

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The exactly answer is the floor state. This is the state through thelowest feasible energy, which way that they are closer to the nucleuswhich is where they want to remain and also relax rather of simply rushingeverywhere outside and also meet other electrons. Lock don"t want to beexcited i m sorry would typical that castle don"t desire to be at the highest.


Astudent throws a water balloon with speed v0 from a elevation h = 1.76 m in ~ an angle θ = 21° over the horizontal toward a target top top the ground. The target is located a horizontal distance d = 9.5 m native the student’s feet. Assume the the balloon move without air resistance. Usage a cartesian coordinate device with the origin at the balloon"s initial position. (a) what is the position vector, rtarge t, that originates indigenous the balloon"s initial position and also terminates in ~ the target? put this in terms of h and also d, and also represent it as a vector using i and j. (b) in regards to the variables in the problem, determine the time, t, after ~ the launch the takes the balloon to reach the target. Your answer need to not incorporate h. (c) produce an expression because that the balloon"s vertical position as a function of time, y(t), in regards to t, vo, g, and also θ. (d) identify the size of the balloon"s early stage velocity, v0, in meters every second, by remove t native the previous 2 expressions.

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A1.50 ✕ 103-kg auto starts from rest and speeds up uniformly to 16.6 m/s in 11.5 s. Assume that air resistance remains continuous at 400 n throughout this time. (a) uncover the median power emerged by the engine.
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Aballoon is rising vertically upwards at a velocity the 10m/s. When it is in ~ a elevation of 45m native the ground, a parachute bails the end from it. After ~ 3s he opens his parachute and decelerates ata a continuous rate 5m/s.when. (a) what to be the height of the parachutist over the ground when he opened his parachute? (b)how far is the parachutist from the balloon in ~ t=3s? (c)with what velocity go the parachutist hit the ground? (d)after exactly how long go the parachutist fight the ground after his exist from the balloon? ​