The equation reflects a redox reaction between iron(II) chloride and chlorine gas. $$\ce2FeCl2 + Cl2 -> 2FeCl3$$ i beg your pardon equation explains the reduction procedure in this reaction? \beginalign\ce2Cl- &-> Cl2 + 2e-\tagA\\\ceCl2 + 2e- &-> 2Cl- \tagB\\\ceFe^2+ &-> Fe^3+ + e-\tagC\\\ceFe^3+ + e- &-> Fe^2+\tagD\endalign

I couldn"t understand why the answers room not C instead of B.

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The correct answer is B. A and also D can not be the answer.



A oxidation reaction consists of 2 parts, oxidation and reduction These 2 parts can be written up as half-equations whereby one half-equation mirrors oxidation and also the various other shows reduction.

It seems that you have mixed up the oxidation and reduction half-equations. Oxidation is losing electrons while reduction is gaining electrons. This deserve to be psychic by the mnemonic:


The concern is asking for the reduction half-equation. To carry out this, you must first recognise what is getting lessened (in other words, what is the oxidant). This deserve to be done by looking at the oxidation claims for each element before and after the reaction. Since it is getting reduced, that is acquiring electrons and therefore the oxidation state should decrease after the reaction. For this reason by looking at the oxidation states, it need to be clear the chlorine is getting reduced as its oxidation state goes from $0$ come $-1$.

Therefore the answer is B

Note: The answer definitely can"t it is in a or c since they are oxidation half-equations

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