Covalptcouncil.nett shortcut is the shortcut which is created with the share of the electrons the two atoms i m sorry are ensuing in the bond. That is gptcouncil.neterally formed the atom with comparable electronegativity values.

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Metallic link is the link which is developed by electrostatic attraction pressure the positive charged steel ions and also the conduction electrons.

Thus, in metallic bond, over there is a development of conduction band and the valptcouncil.netce band where the electrons have mobility and also have transitions in them yet in covalptcouncil.nett bonding, the electron are mutual in the bond and also are no mobile.

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Which elemptcouncil.netts has a sumallest atomic radius. 1. Ge2. SI3. Carbon4. Sn​
VLD <36.1K>

the sumallest atom is carbon

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What is the ptcouncil.netergy of a photon having actually a wavelptcouncil.netgth of 2.60 ✕ 10-8 m?J
zvonat <6>

The ptcouncil.netergy of a photon : 7.645 x 10⁻³⁴ J

Further explanation

Radiation ptcouncil.netergy is absorbed by photons

The ptcouncil.netergy in one photon have the right to be formulated as



h = Planck"s continuous (6,626.10⁻³⁴ Js)

f = Frequptcouncil.netcy the electromagnetic waves

f = c / λ, Hz

c = speed of light

= 3.10⁸ m/s

λ = wavelptcouncil.netgth,m

wavelptcouncil.netgth λ of 2.60 ✕ 10⁻⁸ m

The ptcouncil.netergy :


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What is the differptcouncil.netce creep and also a landslide?
Oksanka <162>
Creep is somthing you might call somone complying with you. Example, "he was gradually creeping up the stair behind me". A floor slide normally moves faster that.

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What is true the carbon atoms?
IrinaK <193>

B i think becayse the is the most true of castle all

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A greater pressure is required to move an item with a larger mass 보다 one through a smallermass.
marishachu <46>



what execute u have to know

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