Vinegar is a equipment of acetic acid, the concentration of it, is around 5-10%, leading to a diluted acidic equipment that is provided in food industry, household chores and as a disinfection agent.

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Formula and also structure: The chemical framework of the vinegar is CH3COOH and its molecular weight is 60.05 g/mol. That is a systems of the 2nd simplest carboxylic acid with just two carbon atoms in the skeleton. It is developed by one methyl team (-CH3) that has actually the a sp3 or tetrahedral conformation and one carboxylic carbon (-C=O) with has a conformation sp2 or planar. Because of the solvation through water molecules, the correct depiction of vinegar is an equilibrium of CH3COOH and the ion CH3COO- + H+, whereby water is responsible for the dissociation of H+ native the acid. Its chemistry structure have the right to be created as below, in the usual representations provided for necessary molecules.


Occurrence: Vinegar is created by bacteria and yeast throughout the fermentation that sugars, specifically the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is extremely used because that preparing these fermentations.

Preparation: Vinegar is all set from methanol carboxylation, in a reaction in a reaction in between the methanol and also carbon monoxide.

CH3OH + CO2 → CH3COOH + 1/2 O2

One part of the world production the vinegar comes from bacterial fermentation, particularly for prepare vinegar, it is used the vinegar produced by microbes in stimulate to gain a higher purity for person consume.

Physical properties: Vinegar is a colorless liquid v corrosive pungent vinegar-like odor with a tart taste. Its density is 1.05 g/mL, and also its melting and also boiling point are 16 ºC and 118 °C, respectively. The is extremely miscible in water, methanol and also ethanol.

Chemical properties: Vinegar is a weak essential acid, which method that it is not fully dissociated in water once a solution of this link is prepared and its reaction must be stood for as a reversible reaction:

CH3CO2H ⇌ CH3CO2− + H+

The pH of equipment of vinegar is not as well low and also it oscillated between 5-10%.

Its very miscibility in water is because of the formation of hydrogen bonds between the oxygen atoms and also the hydrogen atoms of the water.

Uses: Vinegar is mostly used in the food industry as a flavoring agent and preservative and also in household, wherein it is used in food and also for cleaning or disinfection. That is also very used come prepare buffer solutions together with sodium acetate for regulating the pH that solutions.

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Health effects/safety hazards: when concentrate, vinegar is an extremely corrosive to eyes, skin and also mucous membrane upon inhalation or contact. That can cause severe damages on the eyes and also it is flammable over temperatures the 40 ºC.