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The dramatic irony in act 5, step 3 the Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet arises from what the audience knows—which is a significant amount that information—and the personalities don"t know around each various other and around the case in which they uncover themselves. Compared to the audience, the personalities in the scene...

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The dramatic irony in act 5, scene 3 the Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet arises from what the audience knows—which is a significant amount the information—and the characters don"t know around each various other and about the instance in which they uncover themselves. Compared to the audience, the characters in the step know practically nothing, which very much boosts the irony in the scene and holds the audience in a heightened state of suspense and also anticipation because that the entire scene.

The audience knows the Romeo and also Juliet space married, the scenarios of the marriage, and also everything leading approximately this scene, including the reality that Juliet isn"t dead but simply in a deep sleep from having actually taken Friar Laurence"s death-simulating sleeping potion.

Paris enters the churchyard where Juliet"s dig is located with the Page. Paris sends the page off come warn the if anyone else comes right into the churchyard. Together he strews flowers external Juliet"s tomb, the is unaware that Romeo and also Juliet room married, and that Juliet is not dead.

The page whistles come warn Paris that someone is coming into the churchyard, and Romeo enters v Balthasar together Paris hides. Balthasar is unaware the Romeo and Juliet room married and that Juliet is no dead. Meanwhile, Romeo is unaware that Juliet is no dead.

Romeo give Balthasar a letter for lord Montague, and also Balthasar moves turn off to the side and falls asleep. Romeo then opens up Juliet"s tomb, and also Paris confronts him, reasoning that Romeo intends come defile Juliet"s tomb. Romeo doesn"t acknowledge Paris in the dark external the tomb. Not discovering that he"s speaking to Paris, he appeals to Paris not to fight him however doesn"t tell him that he"s married to Juliet. Paris presses the issue, castle fight, and Paris is killed, tho unaware that Romeo and Juliet are married, and also that Juliet isn"t dead.

With his dice breath, Paris asks Romeo to "lay me v Juliet," thinking that he to be going come marry Juliet and that thus he"s licensed has been granted to lie next to her. Romeo climate discovers the he"s killed Paris. Romeo lays Paris in the tomb, back not v Juliet. Thinking that Juliet is dead, also though her lips and cheeks room still red and also she look at "so fair," he death himself through the potion he got from the Apothecary.

Friar Laurence enters, having actually no idea what has actually only freshly transpired, reasoning that he"s walking to enter the tomb and wait for Juliet to awaken, and also then wait for Romeo to arrive. He doesn"t recognize that Romeo didn"t get the letter the he sent out telling him about the sleeping potion. Friar Laurence"s love sinks as soon as he hears from Balthasar that Romeo is already in the tomb, and also he"s seriously alarmed once he sees the blood external the tomb.

Friar Laurence enters the tomb simply as Juliet wakes up. That hears part noise exterior the tomb and urges Juliet to leaving the tomb with him, which could have been an ext successful if the hadn"t presented her Romeo and also Paris"s dead bodies and said the he was going come send her to a cloister the nuns. See Romeo dead, Juliet an initial tries to take it the poison that he took to kill himself, however the vial is empty. She take away his dagger and kills herself v it.

Within minutes, all of Verona is awake and has lower en masse on the churchyard—the Prince, the cook of the Watch, Lord and also Lady Capulet, Lord and also Lady Montague, the Page, and also everyone rather the page woke increase in the center of the night. Balthasar is uncovered sleeping in the churchyard and also brought forward, and the Friar is apprehended trying to operation away from the scene.

Of every one of those now assembled in the churchyard, only Friar Laurence can describe what"s happened. What that tells everyone in the churchyard is everything that the audience currently knows. Balthasar likewise gives the letter the he has from Romeo to the Prince, which support Friar Laurence"s explanation the events.

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The degree of the irony in the scene is remarkable, together was Shakespeare"s capability to resolve every facet of Romeo and also Juliet"s star-crossed connection in one especially scene.