Fatty acids _______. A)can it is in branched or unbranched. B) are described as “saturated” if they have actually one or much more C–C twin bonds. C) are highly oxidized storage creates of hydrocarbons. D) by definition, never exceed 20 carbons in length.

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Triacylglycerols _______. A) constantly have at least one fat acid v a trans double bond. B)consist of glycerol and also three various fatty acids. C) room a major energy storage form. D) covers glycerol and three similar fatty acids.

Mass spectrometry _______. A)can be supplied to identify individual lipids in complex mixtures. B)cannot be supplied with lipids other than fatty acids. C)can recognize the mass yet not the identification of a lipid. D) cannot recognize the areas of double bonds in a fatty acid.

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Which statement is true? A) prostaglandins are uncovered only in the prostate gland. B) Vitamin E is a hormone precursor. C) Vitamin D regulates milk production in mammary glands. D) Membrane sphingolipids deserve to be supplied to create intracellular messengers.

Question 1 (2.5 points) concern 1 conserved Liquid vegetables oils deserve to be convert to solid fat such together margarine by question 1 options: 1) hydrogenation. 2) hydrolysis. 3) hydration. 4) oxidation. 5) saponification. Save question 2 (2.5 points) question 2 conserved A triacylglycerol that is solid in ~ room temperature is dubbed a(n) question 2 options: 1) terpene. 2) lecithin. 3) oil. 4) wax. 5) fat. Save question 3 (2.5 points) concern 3 saved Unsaturated fat acids have actually lower melting points than saturated fatty acids due to the fact that Question 3 options: 1) they have actually fewer hydrogen atoms. 2) castle have an ext hydrogen atoms. 3) their molecules fit closely together. 4) the cis twin bonds create a form that reduce contact between molecules. Save concern 4 (2.5 points) inquiry 4 Unsaved Cholesterol is a member that the ________ team of lipids. Concern 4 options: 1) glycerophospholipid 2) steroid 3) prostaglandin 4) triacylglycerol 5) wax Save inquiry 5 (2.5 points) question 5 Unsaved i beg your pardon of the adhering to is an instance of one emulsion? inquiry 5 options: paint Milk Jelly pitch Asphalt Save concern 6 (2.5 points) concern 6 Unsaved _____ are lipids with four fused ring structures. Inquiry 6 options: Sphingolipids Phospholipids Steroids enzyme Gangliosides Save concern 7 (2.5 points) concern 7 Unsaved The ionic part of a lipid is hydrophobic and the nonpolar part is hydrophilic. Inquiry 7 options: True False Save inquiry 8 (2.5 points) question 8 Unsaved The most abundant saturated fatty acid includes 16 carbons and is recognized as: concern 8 options: lauric acid. Myristic acid. Palmitic acid. Stearic acid. Butyric acid. Save inquiry 9 (2.5 points) question 9 Unsaved What type of lipid is presented below? lipid inquiry 9 options: steroid wax fatty mountain tryacylgliceride Save inquiry 10 (2.5 points) question 10 Unsaved What type of lipid is displayed below? lipid question 10 options: steroid wax fatty acid tryacylgliceride Save


The three significant types the substances indigenous which we achieve energy space from i m sorry a. Amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates b. Burgers, pizza, and soft drinks c. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins d. Proteins, nucleic acids, and also oils which of the complying with polysaccharide molecules is composed of branched chains of glucose units? a. Amylose and amylopectin b. Amylose and cellulose c. Amylose and glycogen d. Amylopectin and glycogen Lipids are characterized by your a. Chemical reactivity b. Functional team c. Role in the human body d. Solubility nature The iodine variety of fat or oil expresses that a. Calories every gram b. Degree of mountain c. Degree of unsaturation d. Digestibility Proteins are polymers that a. Amino acids b. Fat acids c. Monoacylglycerides d. Monosaccharides A feasible base pair in DNA is a. A-G b. A-T c. A-U d. T-G Nucleic acid base pair space joined through a. Amide bonds b. Ester bonds c. Glocosidic bond d. Hydrogen bond an essential amino mountain is one the a. Has an ext calories than various other amino mountain b. Is required in higher quantities than some others c. Is synthesized in the human body d. Should be consisted of in the diet In shape, infectious diseases worldwide fatty mountain molecules resemble a. Cholesterol b. Disaccharides c. Other unsaturated fat acids d. Saturated fat acids people who have actually lactose intolerance are deficient in the a. Enzyme the catalyzes the hydrolysis of lactose come galactose and glucose b. Enzyme the catalyzes the switch of galactose come glucose c. Enzymes that catalyze the oxidation that lactose come CO_2 and also H_2 O d. Taste receptors for lactose, leave a bitterness taste