Section 609 calls for that Technicians use refrigerant managing equipment that has actually been certified through the or an independent standards testing organization approved by to certify equipment. Currently, Intertek(formerly ETL trial and error Laboratories, Inc.) and also Underwriters laboratory (UL)are the only independent standards testing organizations approved to certify refrigerant taking care of equipment.

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SAE international maintains a database the MVAC servicing equipment that has been certified to fulfill SAE J2911 “Procedure for Certification That demands for Mobile air Conditioning device Components, business Equipment and also Service Technician Training satisfy SAE J Standards.” does not require compliance v SAE J2911. Equipment meeting the certification standards discovered in J2911 have the right to be uncovered in SAE’s MAC Manufacturer Database .

All lists will certainly be to update as an ext equipment varieties are certified. If you believe something is listed in error, or a details model is not listed that have to be, contact us.

Certified through ETL, Inc.

Multiple listingFord engine Company158-00001,-00002, 01400900, 02300100Multiple listingFord-New Holland/SPX-RobinairFNH00140, FNH00141, FNH00335-Four Seasons59870, 59900, 59901Multiple listingGeneral Motors/SPX-Robinair17250B-Honda/SPX-RobinairJ-3810-CH-IG-LO, Inc.; Subsidiary the Valvoline, Inc.1000, 1400, 1500No longer manufacturedInfiniti/SPX4-RobinairJ-38100-INF-International Carbonics Inc. (now The Youngstown research and development Company YRD)RRR-SS, BH-RRR, RRR-SSANo much longer manufacturedJames Kamm Technologies, Inc.K-3333, K3333-TB, AC-3333-John Deere/SPX-RobinairJTO 2020, JTO 2021, JTO 2052-Kent Moore/SPX-RobinairJ-38100-C, J-38100-B, J-38750, J-38550-B, J-39770, 42-17400, 43-40015-HDE, 43-40018-HDE, 42-175250-C, 43-40017-HDE, 42-17350-C, 43-40014-HDE, J-38100-D-Kolpak Mfg. Co.ZRM2000-Lexus/SPX-Robinair00002-01396-02-MAC Tools, Inc.

ACRRC-750, AC650, AC751, AC760

AC600, AC700, AC800, AC750, AC761, AC790

Multiple listing

Multiple listing by ETL, Inc.MAC Tools, Inc./SPX-Robinair

AC17350AC, AC17400, AC17500B, AC17700, am 6000, 17700, 177002K, 17700Z, 17400A, 17401A, 17425, 17450, 17451, 17501B, 17666, 17700A, 17701A, 17725, AC680/R12, AC17145

348002K, 343002K, 34800, AC900, AC990, AC990A

Certified by UL

Certified by UL/ *dual circuit machineMatco devices Corp.ACRM120, ACRM3412Multiple listingMATCO Tools/SPX-RobinairAC17350, AC17400, AC17500B, AC17700-Mastercool, U.S.A. Inc.Supervamp 62000, 65000, 65500-Mazda/SPX-Robinair17401MAZ-MDI1/2 HPCA-Mitsubishi/SPX-Robinair17400MIT, 17401MIT-Moog Automotive, Inc.209990Multiple listingMurray CorporationATC-1000, -1100, -5000No much longer manufacturedMyers EnterprisesMR-1991-A, MR-1991-R, ME-1991-A-NAPA209990Multiple listingNAPA Temp. ProductsATC1100, -5000Multiple listingNissan/SPX-RobinairJ-38100-NI, 17400NIS, 42-17250-NI, 17401NIS, 17403NIS-OTC/SPX-RobinairOEM-1380, -1396, -1412, -1420, -48158, -48463-Ozone environmental Industries, Inc.R-6A, OS-1000, OS-4000, OS-2000No much longer manufacturedP&F TechnologiesPF-8, Viper-Power ManufacturingR-12a-Promax Industries, Inc.Roger-1 (front and also back), i get it 1BConsists of former and ago systemsR & D spring IndustriesAM6000No much longer manufacturedRefrigerant recovery Systems, Inc.ST100A-Refrigerant recovery Technologies, Inc.Fluoromizer 3000R (FM3000R), FM3000 through RM3 module (Fluoromizer 3000), FM4000-12Certified by ETL, Inc.Refrigerant TechnologiesTC2670, AC670, RHS2780, RHS680, TC2680, RHS2680-Ritchie engineering Co., Inc.Cord linked 39710, 39711, 39810, 39811Certified by ETL, Inc.Refrigeration transfer Systems/Justice Supply and also GlassRFT-2212, RFT-2234-Rolo, Inc.91R12-Rotunda/Ford (Sun & SPX)158-00001, 158-00002, 014-00900, 023-00100, 078-00802, 078-00800, 078-00801-R.S.I.Port-O-Zone, Automotive-RTI Technologies, Inc. (formerly Refrigerant Technologies, Inc.)TX200, RRC-1000, RRC-750, RRC-750X, RRC-751, TC-700, TX-600, AC-800, TX-200, RRC770, TC2700, AC790, TC670, RRC760, RRC761Certified through ETL, Inc.Saturn/SPX-Robinair42-A7250, 17400ASAT-SKYE USA (Environmental assets Amalgamated Pty. Ltd.)8012, 8512Certified through ETL, Inc.Snap-On devices CompanyACT2500, ACT3000, ACT3300, ACTR3000, ACTH3400, MRC-312, MTC4000, EEAC101, EEAC301, EEAC107, EEAC307, EEAC507, EEAC112, EEAC310, EEAC510Multiple listingSource Worldwide, Inc.R-12a-Sun electrical CorporationMRC-150, -300, -312, -334, -400, -500, MTC-4000, NAPA-1100, -5000, -A9950, ATC-1000, -1100, -5000, -078-00800, -00801, -00802, -00805. ACT-3120, -3340, -4100, Kool Kare EEAC101A-301A.-Technical chemical Company

SERCON -8000 (-M,-A,-MA,-MAH,-MV,-MAV,-H),-9000 (-M,-A,-MA,-MV,-MAH,-MAV,-H),-9220,-9220M,

-5000H through -SR4000 or 4000A filter unit, -5000A, -5000AB, -5000MB or -5000MBJ v SR4000, 4000A or -4000H filter unit.-Toyota/SPX-RobinairTOY-01380, TOY-01396, 00002-01396-01, 42-17400, 17400TOYJ, 17401TOYJ, 17404TOYJ-Trane department of American Standard, Inc.RRPCMultiple listingVan Steenburgh engineering Lab, Inc.

JV90-4,-3,-2,-1, LV30-4,-3,-2,-1.

CV15-4,-3,-2,-1Certified by ULWatsco Components, Inc.

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WC-2Multiple listingWhite Industries; division of K-Whit Tools01050, 01060, 01061, 01080, 01095, 1095XL, 01075,1075XL, 01234a, 01234av, 1234XL-Wynn"s Climate Systems90-0001A, -0458A, -1100A, -1300A, -1500A-The Youngstown research and advance Company YRD (formerly worldwide Carbonics)RRR-SS, BH-RRR-(1) A UL many listing (referred come as exclusive labeling by the industry) is the formal publication of a firm name that appears on devices that is basically UL-listed for one more company. It would be similar to a private brand other than that the simple company name need not appear anywhere ~ above the product. This equipment has been evaluated to determine the minimum purity specifications because that recycled CFC-12 for use in mobile automotive air-conditioning systems. Such equipment is detailed with the auxiliary noting "Design Certified by Underwriters Laboratories because that Compliance with * ________(date)" to indicate that the tools has been investigated because that compliance v the applicable SAE requirements.