I"ve review it a long time ago, yet I remember it well. So ns think the I"ve done every little thing correctly. Ns hope it will be helpful for you. Have actually a look:1. Ns think this one Actions in haste can bring about destruction. best claims a layout of Romeo and Juliet2. Juliet is actually weeping over Romeo"s banishment. - As much as ns remember, that makes Paris"s comment an instance of dramatic irony.3. I think this alternative A nurse claims to it is in too worn down to provide Juliet Romeo"s message. Best illustrates Shakespeare"s use of comic relief.4. Follow to it"s monologue, I"m 100% sure that Romeo way that Juliet"s beauty beauty shines like the sun.5. Shakespeare offers a simile to emphasize the tragedy that the noticeable death by to compare Juliet to a flower, Capulet emphasizes the she is too beautiful to die.

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answered: jonellelewis706

1. Actions in haste deserve to bring around destruction.

Many occasions in the story happen due to the fact that of the impulsivity the the characters. Tybalt guarantees to look for revenge on Romeo because he"s fast to anger once Romeo shows up in ~ the Capulet party. Romeo is fast to death Tybalt after the fatality of Mercutio. Juliet is quick to death herself (even despite she just pretends at first) when Romeo is banished. Romeo is fast to death himself when he hears the Juliet is dead. Juliet then in reality kills herself instantly after see Romeo dead. All this fatality is destruction.

2. Juliet is in reality weeping end Romeo"s banishment.

Paris thinks the Juliet is weeping over Tybalt"s death, however really it"s Romeo"s banishment because of Tybalt"s death. Paris thinks that Juliet is to distraught come think of love and yet the human she thinks of is her love.

3. A nurse insurance claims to be too tired to give Juliet Romeo"s message.

The nurse drags the end the blog post she brings ago to Juliet by speak she is so the end of breath she can"t deliver the message. Juliet tells her if friend have sufficient breath come tell me your the end of breath friend can provide me the message! The nurse keeps delaying due to the fact that she enjoys the attention she is getting from Juliet.

4. Juliet"s beauty shines prefer the sun.

It"s Shakespeare, the wouldn"t usage this beautiful imagery to just say that Juliet is standing at the window...there"s constantly more. Also, Romeo is in love v Juliet, his descriptive language is provided to display how his world revolves about Juliet, his sun.

5. By comparing Juliet to a flower, Capulet emphasizes the she is as well beautiful come die.

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In the lines, he explains the flower together sweetest which reflects its beauty. The flower is not displayed to have any age therefore this eliminates the second best option.