Which that the following statements is correct regarding job bespeak and process costing systems?

A : price of products sold is not offered in a job-order price system.

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B : A process cost bookkeeping system is ideal for unique assets that are produced in batches or jobs.

C : A job-order price system and a process cost device are two alternative methods for valuing inventories.

D : A job-order expense system is most suitable when a large volume the uniform commodities are produced.

Answer is Option A) price of products sold is not offered in a project order costing system.


Process expense is supplied for large volume of similar products.

Job costing is provided for distinctive products.

Job-order expense system and procedure cost device are methods of costing to find the cost of each task or process.

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Cost of products issued for the job, employee costs incurred for the job and the overhead dues at the moment of completion of task are supplied in asertainment of complete job expenditure yet not cost of items sold. For this reason the prize is alternative A.

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