The energy released throughout the nuclear reaction is referred to as as nuclear energy.Energy in the Uranium is save in the type of nuclear energy

Potential energy:

The energy the anybody as result of its position is referred to as as potential energy.

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The energy of any stone placed at some elevation is save on computer in the kind of potential energy.

Electrical energy:

The energy because of flow the electric existing is dubbed as electrical energy.The glow of pear is an instance of electrical energy.

Chemical energy:

The energy because of chemical reaction is referred to as as chemical energy.The energy in the battery is save in the type of chemical energy.


The electrical energy is a flow energy which only comes when there is flow of electric current.Thus the electrical energy is not a form of save on computer energy. Therefore option 3 is correct.
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much more Work, Energy, and also EMF concerns

Q1. The expense of power to run an commercial refrigerator the consumes 5 kW power functioning 10 hours per day for 30 days will be (Given the the fee k.W.h of energy = Rs. 4)
Q2. Time take away by a 100 watt bulb to consume 5000 J of power is
Q3. Electrical power used during a month is expressed in regards to 'units'. Below one unit means
Q4. A current of 2A flows with a 24V automobile head light bulb for 5 mins. How much power transfer occurs during this time?
Q5. The heat created while carrying 96000 coulomb of fee in one hour through a potential difference of 50 V is
Q6. An electrical motor is marked 2 Hp. The occupational done through the electric motor in 3 seconds will it is in nearly
Q7. When the potential difference throughout a resistive conductor of resistance R obeying ohm's law, is doubled, the price of generation of warm will become
Q8. Which among the following is no a type of stored energy?
Q9. A given conductor moving a present of 1 A produce an lot of heat equal to 2000 J. If the present through the conductor is doubled, the quantity of heat produced will be
Q10. An electric refrigerator rated 400 W operates 8 hours/day. What is the expense of power required to run it for 30 days in ~ Rs 2.50 per kW h?

an ext Current, Resistance and also Electricity questions

Q1. The job-related done to relocate a unit charge from a point to one more is referred to as :
Q2. The electrical resistivity of the material of a conductor is ρ. If the resistance and also volume of the conductor is 3Ω and also 3 m3, then discover the length of the conductor.

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Q3. Find the worth of the current throughout both resistors?
Q4. A 5Ω resistance is linked to a DC source. Once this DC resource is removed and also an AC source is linked to the resistance, then brand-new resistance will certainly be-
Q5. At the time of short circuit, the present in the circuit
Q6. The melting suggest of the fuse cable (wire) should be ___?
Q7. Who developed the an initial electric battery ?
Q8. What is the unit of resistance?
Q9. The inner resistance of one ammeter must be
Q10. ______terminal that a cell need to be joined v the ______ terminal of one more cell to kind a battery.I. Negative, positiveII. Negative, NegativeIII. Positive, Positive

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Q1. X-rays were discovered by:
Q2. _______ states the desired orientation in the orbital an are of the provided energy and size.
Q3. When a human body is immersed in a fluid the upward force experienced by that is known as :
Q4. Which amongst the complying with is a non-conservative force?
Q5. The work-related done to move a unit charge from a point to an additional is referred to as :
Q6. On i m sorry of the complying with scientific values is an electrical generator based?
Q7. Which among the following is supplied in making home windows for the X-ray tubes?
Q8. How many electrons taken with each other make one coulomb?
Q9. An electron possesses a an adverse charge of:
Q10. The term radioactivity was coined by: Edu solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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