How lot would $900 be precious after 13 years, if it were invested at 3% attention compounded continuously? (Use the formula below


Step-by-step explanation:

P is the major amount, $900.00.

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r is the attention rate, 3.00% per year, or in decimal form, 3.00/100=0.03.

t is the moment involved, 13....year time periods.

So, t is 13....year time periods.

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To uncover the an easy interest, we multiply 900 × 0.03 × 13 to obtain the the

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a. What is the area and circumference of circle P? define how you calculated this B. If the arc measure of arc ko is 1

a) 9*π or approx 28.26

b) ∡CRB=100°

Step-by-step explanation:

As known for secants crossing each other inside the circle is coorect the following:


=> 3*RD=4*4.5


The diameter of the circle with center P is BD=BR+RD=3+6=9

So the radius the the circle is D/2=9/2=4.5

As recognized the one of any circle can be calculated as

C=2*π*r , whereby r is the circle"s radius

So C=2*4.5*π=9*π= approx 3.14*9=28.26

b) ∡CRB=∡ARD= (arcBC+arcAD), whereby arcBC and also arcAD smaller arcs

BD is the circle"s diameter, so arc BD=180°

So arcBC=180°-arcCOD=180°-100°=80°

Similarly arcBD=180°


∡CRB= (80°+120°)/2=100°

Each next of the square base is 5 customs long and the height of the pyramid is 5 inches. Approximately how lot wood is in the p


Step-by-step explanation:


The next of the square basic is 5 inches

height the the pyramid is 5 inches

The volume the a square pyramid is


Putting the worths


The pyramid contains

the wood

In bespeak to uncover the to this one, we"re going to must do a the majority of algebra. Very first of all, remember the a rectangle has actually two to adjust of congruent sides, which do the perimeter as soon as put together. I"ll specify the two different measurements (one because that one set, one because that the various other set) as l and w. Therefore, 2l + 2w = P, or the 2 sets of congruent sides equal the perimeter.In this problem, together = x + 12 and w = 2x + 8. The perimeter is 18x - 20. Let"s plug these values into our previously equation.2(x + 12) + 2(2x + 8) = 18x - 20 Substitution 2x + 24 + 4x + 16 = 18x - 20 Distribute6x + 40 = 18x - 20 integrate like terms6x = 18x - 60 Subtract 40 native both sides-12x = -60 Subtract 18x from both sidesx = 5 divide both sides by -12Therefore, x = 5. Let"s plug the in to together (x + 12) and w (2x + 8) to discover the next lengths. 5 + 12 Substitution17 AddThe size of one side is 17 units.2(5) + 8 Substitution10 + 8 Multiply18 AddThe size of the other side is 18 units.Now, let"s plug 5 into the perimeter (18x - 20).18(5) - 20 Substitution90 - 20 Multiply70 SubtractTherefore, the perimeter is 70 units. We can check this by plugging into the earlier equation us made to uncover x.2l + 2w = 70 Given2(17) + 2(18) = 70 Substitute each side length34 + 36 = 70 Multiply70 + 70 AddSince the equation is true, our math checks out. Our is correct!Therefore, x = 5, the side lengths room 17 and also 18 units, and the perimeter is 70 units.Hope this helps!