Energy have the right to be created and also destroyedEnergy can be created yet not destroyedEnergy can neither be produced nor destroyedEnergy can’t be created however can be destroyed

Energy:The capacity of anybody to do work is dubbed as theenergy of the body.

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Energy conservation:

According to theenergy conservation principle,

The energy of any kind of object can never it is in created nor can it be destroyed. It have the right to only it is in converted from one kind to another form.For example: In an electrical heater,electrical power is converted into heat energy.


According come energy conservation, the energy can never be developed nor destroyed. So choice 3 is correct.

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Q4. Which one of the complying with statements v regards to Newton's third law of movement is no correct?
Q5. Two bodies of different masses MA and MB are dropped native two different heights a and also b respectively. The ratio of the moment taken by the two, come drop v these ranges in the vacuum will certainly be:
Q8. Which formula belongs come a different course from the other three; where the symbols lug their normal meanings?
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