Jaundiced Eyes

Did you ever before hear the a human looking at something or someone v a “jaundiced eye”? It way to take a an unfavorable view, such together envy, maliciousness, or ok will. The expression may be based on the antiquated idea the liver bile is associated with such an unfavorable emotions together these, and the reality that too much liver bile causes jaundice or yellowing of the eyes and skin. Jaundice is most likely to it is in a sign of a liver disorder or blockage of the duct that carries bile away from the liver. Bile contains waste products, making the liver an organ of excretion. Bile also has vital role in digestion, do the liver one accessory body organ of digestion.

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Accessory organs of digestion room organs that secrete substances required for the chemistry digestion that food but through i beg your pardon food does no actually pass as it is digested. Besides the liver, the major accessory organs of digestion room the gallbladder and pancreas. These organs secrete or keep substances the are essential for digestion in the very first part that the small intestine, the duodenum, where most chemical cradle takes place. You deserve to see the 3 organs and also their locations in figure \(\PageIndex2\).


The liver is a vital organ situated in the top right part of the abdomen. It lies just below the diaphragm come the ideal of the stomach. The liver plays vital role in digestion by secreting bile. However, the liver has actually a wide range of added functions unrelated to digestion. In fact, some estimates put the number of functions that the liver at about 500! A couple of of castle are defined below.

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Liver and adjacent organswhich of these is not an accessory organ of digestion?