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Identify which one of the complying with sentences has a assignment error. Select “No Errors” if none of the sentences has a spelling error.

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Students in the art course learn to occupational with different imaginative media, consisting of clay, fancy pencils, command pencils, and also various species of paints.

When working on household repairs or building projects, it"s often a an excellent idea come wear security gloves.

Correct answer:

To avoid bad breathe, one should constantly brush one"s teeth prior to meeting crucial person.


The sentence that has a spelling error is "To avoid poor breathe, one should constantly brush one"s teeth before meeting critical person." This is a tricky spelling error—"breathe" have to be "breath." "Breathe" isn"t a typo in every sentence; the is a verb the means to inhale and also exhale regularly. That doesn"t make any type of sense in this sentence, though! We need a word the acts together a noun and also means the air the you exhale. That word is "breath." The repair sentence would certainly read, "To avoid poor breath, one should always brush one"s teeth prior to meeting critical person."

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Example concern #1 : Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation

Identify which among the complying with sentences includes a spelling error. Choose “No Errors” if nobody of the sentences contains a order error.

Possible Answers:

Do friend know exactly how to search the library’s catalogue to find a book on a particular subject?

Our neighbor chose to plant potatoes in his vegetable garden this summer.

No Errors

It’s a good thing that Fred recieved the package prior to he left top top his trip.

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Correct answer:

It’s a good thing that Fred recieved the package before he left on his trip.


The sentence that includes the assignment error is "It’s a good thing that Fred recieved the package before he left ~ above his trip." The misspelled word is "received." It should be spelled "received." Remembering the phrase ""I" prior to "E" other than after "C"" can assist you protect against errors prefer this in the future!

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