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which modification strategy is an example of ratiocination, or reasonable thinking?


adding relevant details

i believe it would certainly be d. Licenses, certifications, and registrations. Education would be about what you need to do to end up being a medical professional or surgeon, important characteristics would be around what type of person you must be, like strong in terms of seeing blood and not gift disturbed, or friendly come make her patients feeling better. Training would be around how they practice surgery before operating ~ above a real person. So therefore it would certainly be d. Expect this helps. You re welcome rate, leaving a thanks, and mark a brainliest answer (not have to mine)


a. Strongly suggest


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by asserting the his college student were your most beneficial assets, grandfather perpich was inculcating the habit of having positive attitude in the face of despair and tribulations.

at this suggest of dealing with survival issues, it was crucial for brian to remember this class by mr perpich to bring into practice the beneficial lesson inculcated by his english teacher about mental strength.


hatchet‘ is a publication written by gary paulsen, about the survival story the brian robeson. When brian remained in wilderness and struggling to make it through in the ar where no assist could be seen at hand, that recalled the lesson as soon as his old english teacher, grandfather perpich, offered in his class. In one of his class, grandfather perpich inculcated most important lesson to his students about surviving. That told them the ‘they room their most an important assets. They are the finest thing they have.’ v this lesson, that imparted a essential lesson to his pupil to have actually mental strength throughout the times of trials and also tribulations.

at this point of life, when brian was struggling to survive in wilderness, the recalled this lesson by grandfather perpich. This lesson aided him to challenge the challenge of making it through he was facing. By mental this lesson in ~ this allude of time, it aided him come come out of the pit that self-pity and stand on the soil of self-reliance. By mental this lesson, he realized that the only person who can assist him get out of this case is himself. Therefore, recalling of this lesson is necessary for brian as it helped him to aid himself come out of the situation and also face the situation.

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the two statements that finest describe the conflict are an initial number one.helmer is controlling. Since of these implied rules society creates, he cannot let anyone view that a woman, his wife in this case, has any type of influence in his in its entirety decisions. Helmer is glad that he is the authoritative husband, he is proud abot his place in the bank, too.the various other is number three.helmer walk not prefer the means krogstad behaves ….”he has no restraint on himself…”this tactless fellow..”..” that sort of point s extremely painful because that me..”he is conntradictory and also it shows up he wants to be protective because that his children.however, he appears to take benefit of his place to hurt people, especially nora.

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