UTP means Unshielded Twisted Pair cable. UTP cable is a 100 ohm copper cable that is composed of 2 come 1800 unshielded twisted pairs surrounded by an outer jacket. They have actually no metallic shield. This makes the cable small in diameter yet unprotected versus electrical interference. The twist help to improve its immunity to electrical noise and also EMI.

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(You can gain Cat 5e and also Cat 6 UTP spot Cable indigenous us)

For horizontal cables, the variety of pairs is frequently 4 pair as displayed below.


For backbone cables, the number of pairs will typically be part increment of 25, since multi-pair UTP cables are constructed in 25-pair binder group. A sample backbone UTP cable is displayed below.


:: UTP Copper Cable Conductor Size

The copper conductor the both horizontal and also backbone UTP cables room either 22 AWG or 24 AWG. 24 AWG is the most usual size, however higher-performance cables like classification 6 UTP rental the bigger 23 AWG copper wires.

:: heavy Conductor UTP Cable and also Stranded Conductor UTP Cable

1) solid Conductor UTP Cable


Solid Conductor UTP Cable Picture

As its surname implies, heavy conductor UTP cables have actually a single, hard conducting copper wire together the conductor. In enhancement to gift physically stronger and also easier to job-related with, these bigger wires have superior electrical characteristics that remain stable over a wider range that frequencies.

Solid conductor cables have actually a reduced DC resistance and also a reduced susceptibility to high-frequency effects based on their bigger diameters alone. This properties allow solid conductor cables to support much longer transmission runs and higher data rates than your stranded cable counterparts.

UTP cables supplied for both horizontal and backbone applications are generally solid conductor cables.

2) Stranded Conductor UTP Cable


Stranded Conductor UTP Cable Picture

Stranded-conductor UTP cables are generally used as patch cables in either work locations or telecommunication rooms. They space the most typical Category-type cables we often straight work with.

Inside the twisted bag of a stranded cable, every individual conductor is made up of a bundle of smaller-gauge cable strands. These room arranged for this reason that numerous wires (commonly 6 or 18) surround a single wire in ~ the bundle’s center. The external wires space wrapped helically about the central wire v a procedure called stranding. The stranded wires together form a solitary conductor v an in its entirety diameter about the very same as that of a conductor in a hard cable, yet with a lot smaller conducting area (based ~ above the smaller diameters the the conducting wire strands).

The grounding of the wire conductors offer to defend them, and also gives stranded cables their flexibility.

:: UTP Cable Applications

UTP cables are mainly used because that LAN networks. They deserve to be supplied for voice, low-speed data, high-speed data, audio and paging systems, and building automation and also control systems. UTP cable can be used in both the horizontal and also backbone cabling subsystems.

:: UTP Cable Categories and also Performance Specifications

UTP cables were created for voice applications. Voice UTP cables only essential to carry analog signal which are really robust and not easily corrupted by electric noise or EMI. However, together UTP cables were supplied for various systems, greater quality UTP cables were required to support data equipment that supplied digital signaling.

As the applications evolved, different categories or qualities of UTP cables were developed along these years. Greater category UTP cables are referred to as data grade UTP cables, and low group UTP cables are referred to as voice class UTP cables.

The adhering to table reflects different classification UTP cables, their company applications and also corresponding power specification.


TIA/EIA-568 only well-known cables of classification 3 ratings or above. Category 1 cable (Cat 1) and also Category 2 (Cat 2) voice-grade coppers are a misnomer, probably embraced by those who assumed the TIA set up “Categories” because that all species of cables originally characterized by Anixter International, the distributor, under the grades called “Levels.”

Cat 1 cable is supplied in earlier times. It is used for frequently voice networks that carries just voice traffic example telephones.

Anixter Level 2 (Cat 2) to be a class of UTP cable qualified of transmitting data at up to 4 Mbit/s. It is the an initial cable which can transmit voice and also data as much as 4mbps. Anixter Level 2 cable was frequently used top top ARCnet and also 4 Mbit/s token ring networks, it is likewise used in call networks however it is no longer commonly used.

CategoryGradeBusiness ApplicationFrequency Range
Category 1voice gradevoice-grade telephone networks only; not for data transmissions750 kHz
Category 2voice gradevoice-grade phone call networks, as well as IBM dumb-terminal relations to mainframe computers1 MHz
Category 3data gradevoice-grade call networks, 10Mbps Ethernet, 4Mbps Token Ring, 100BaseT4 quick Ethernet, and 100VG any LAN16 MHz
Category 4data grade16Mbps Token Ring networks20 MHz
Category 5data grade100BastTX fast Ethernet, SONET, and also OC-3 ATM networks100 MHz
Category 5edata gradeGigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet100 MHz
Category 6data gradeGigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet250 MHz
Category 6Adata gradeGigabit (1000Mbps) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet500 MHz

:: UTP Cable color Codes

1) UTP Horizontal Cable color Code

Horizontal UTP cable is four-pair building and construction by sector cabling standard. Each pair has two conductors. One wire of the pair is assigned the pair shade with a white stripe and the various other wire is assigned the shade white with the pair color stripe. The table below lists the pair and also color password for a four-pair horizontal UTP cable.

Wire NumberPair NumberColor
11 white/blue
21 blue
32 white/orange
42 orange
53 white/green
63 green
74 white/brown
84 brown


2) UTP Backbone Cable color Code

UTP backbone cables are large, multi-pair cables. This cables are built of 25-pair binder groups. Every binder group is individually shade coded and each pair within a 25-pair binder team is individually shade coded.


(a) 25-pair Binder Group shade Code

The 25-pair binder team is organized into 5 groups and also there are five pairs in each group. The five shade groups in a 25-pair binder are

White – bag 1 to 5Red – pairs 6 come 10Black – pairs 11 to 15Yellow – bag 16 come 20Violet – pairs 21 come 25

Within each shade group, the 5 pairs room designated v the group shade code and the pair shade code. The pair color code because that each of the 5 pairs v a shade coded group are

Blue – first pair that the shade code groupOrange – 2nd pair the the color code groupGreen – 3rd pair the the color code groupBrown – fourth pair that the shade code groupSlate – 5th pair the the color code group

The shade code because that a 25-pair binder team is displayed in the following table.

Wire NumberPair NumberGroup color CodePair shade CodeColor
11whitebluewhite/blue stripe
21blue/white stripe
32orangewhite/orange stripe
42orange/white stripe
53greenwhite/green stripe
63green/white stripe
74brownwhite/brown stripe
84brown/white stripe
95slatewhite/slate stripe
105slate/white stripe
116redbluered/blue stripe
126blue/red stripe
137orangered/orange stripe
147orange/red stripe
158greenred/green stripe
168green/red stripe
179brownred/brown stripe
189brown/red stripe
1910slatered/slate stripe
2010slate/red stripe
2111blackblueblack/blue stripe
2211blue/black stripe
2312orangeblack/orange stripe
2412orange/black stripe
2513greenblack/green stripe
2613green/black stripe
2714brownblack/brown stripe
2814brown/black stripe
2915slateblack/slate stripe
3015slate/black stripe
3116yellowblueyellow/blue stripe
3216blue/yellow stripe
3317orangeyellow/orange stripe
3417orange/yellow stripe
3518greenyellow/green stripe
3618green/yellow stripe
3719brownyellow/brown stripe
3819brown/yellow stripe
3920slateyellow/slate stripe
4020slate/yellow stripe
4121violetblueviolet/blue stripe
4221blue/violet stripe
4322orangeviolet/orange stripe
4422orange/violet stripe
4523greenviolet/green stripe
4623green/violet stripe
4724brownviolet/brown stripe
4824brown/violet stripe
4925slateviolet/slate stripe
5025slate/violet stripe

This is shown plainly in the following picture.

(b) much more than 25-pair binder groups

Multi-pair UTP cables that have much more than 25 pairs organize the 25-pair binder groups in color-coded teams using the exact same color-coding sequence. This is displayed in the following table.

Pair CountBinder team Color

:: UTP Cable Connectors

1) RJ45 Jack and Plug

Four-pair UTP horizontal cables are terminated through an 8-position modular connector in the job-related area as shown below. The RJ45 jack is an 8-conductor, compact, modular jack used to terminate UTP data cable. RJ45 jacks space engineered to maintain certain Category 5, 5e, 6, or 6A performance, and also therefore must enhance the category of the cable they space terminating.



:: 568A and also 568B Wiring Standards

When we describe a jack or patch panel’s wiring connection, we describe either the 568A or 568B wiring scheme. 568A and also 568B wiring scheme specify the pin-pair assignments because that terminating UTP cable. These assignments specify the pinout, or stimulate of connections, because that wires in 8P8C eight-pin modular connector plugs and sockets.

In UTP cable, every pair is represented by a particular color. Pair 1 is Blue, Pair 2 is Orange, Pair 3 is Green, and Pair 4 is Brown. In each pair, one wire is a solid color, and the various other is mainly white through a color stripe. Once terminating UTP cable, each pair corresponds to a certain pin ~ above the IDC contacts of the jack or spot panel.

The following charts highlight the difference between 568A and 568B wiring scheme.

Notice the the just difference in between 568A and also 568B is the pairs 2 and also 3 (orange and green) room swapped. Both configurations cable the pins “straight through”, i.e., pins 1 v 8 on one end are associated to pins 1 through 8 top top the various other end.

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One can use cables wired according to either configuration in the very same installation without significant problem. The major thing one needs to be cautious is not to accidentally wire the end of the exact same cable according to various configurations.


PinT568A PairT568B PairWireT568A ColorT568B ColorPins on plug confront (socket is reversed)
132tip white/green stripe white/orange stripe
232ring environment-friendly solid orange solid
323tip white/orange stripe white/green stripe
411ring blue solid blue solid
511tip white/blue stripe white/blue stripe
623ring orange solid eco-friendly solid
744tip white/brown stripe white/brown stripe
844ring brown solid brown solid