The H zone, located within the A band, lacks thin filaments and is stood for by ________.

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A) brand A

B) brand B

C) brand C

D) brand D

The myofilament created of actin is indicated by ________. A) brand A

B) brand B

C) label C

D) brand D

The epimysium is stood for by ________.

A) label A

B) brand B

C) brand C

D) brand D

The perimysium wraps a fascicle of muscle cells and also is represented by ________.

A) label A

B) label B

C) label C

D) label D

The muscle fiber (cell) is suggested by ________.

A) brand A

B) brand B

C) brand C

D) brand D

The endomysium the wraps individual muscle yarn is indicated by ________.

A) label A

B) brand B

C) label C

D) label D

Striated involuntary muscle tissue is classified as ________ muscle.

A) skeletal

B) cardiac

C) smooth

D) one of two people smooth or skeletal

The epimysium spanning on the external of the muscle have the right to blend into cordlike ________ or sheetlike ________.

A) tendons; aponeuroses

B) ligaments; tendons

C) fascia; ligaments

D) aponeuroses; ligaments

The ________ is one organelle that wraps and also surrounds the myofibril and also stores calcium.

A) overcome bridge

B) sarcomere

C) sarcolemma

D) sarcoplasmic reticulum

Muscle tissue has the capacity to shorten once adequately stimulated, a characteristic well-known as ________.

A) elasticity

B) irritability

C) contractility

D) extensibility

One neuron and all the skeletal muscles it stimulates is known as a ________.

A) sarcoplasmic reticulum

B) engine unit

C) synaptic cleft

D) neuromuscular junction

The heads of the myosin myofilaments are dubbed ________ as soon as they connect the thick and thin filaments together during skeletal muscle contraction.

A) neuromuscular junctions

B) synapses

C) overcome bridges

D) motor units

The gap in between the engine neuron and the muscle fiber it gives at the neuromuscular junction is called the ________. A) synaptic cleft

B) engine unit

C) overcome bridge

D) H zone

When a bones muscle is fully contracted, the ________ room closer to the thick filaments.

A) Z discs

B) M lines

C) cross bridges

D) A bands

Anaerobic glycolysis needs ________ to do ATP.

A) creatine phosphate

B) oxygen

C) glucose

D) both oxygen and also glucose

A smooth, continual contraction is called ________.

A) fused, or complete, tetanus

B) a twitch

C) unfused, or incomplete, tetanus

D) summing of contractions

Contractions in which muscles shorten and produce motion are recognized as ________.

A) isotonic contractions

B) twitches

C) isometric contractions

D) resistance exercises

The allude of muscle attachment to an immovable or much less movable bone is recognized as the ________.

A) innervation

B) action

C) insertion

D) origin

Muscles that do opposite actions come one another are termed ________.

A) synergists

B) prime movers

C) antagonists

D) fixators

The plan of fascicles in orbicularis oris is ________.

A) circular

B) convergent

C) pennate

D) fusiform

The muscle the closes each eye is the ________.

A) orbicularis oris

B) frontalis

C) orbicularis oculi

D) zygomaticus

The element mover of eight abduction is the ________ muscle.

A) trapezius

B) deltoid

C) latissimus dorsi

D) quadratus lumborum

The hamstring group is the prime mover of thigh ________ and knee ________.

A) extension; flexion

B) dorsiflexion; plantar flexion

C) abduction; adduction

D) rotation; circumduction

An inherited condition that reasons muscles to degenerate and also atrophy is well-known as ________.

A) torticollis

B) muscular dystrophy

C) cystic fibrosis

D) myasthenia gravis

Striated involuntary muscle tissue uncovered in the heart is ________.

A) smooth muscle

B) skeleton muscle

C) dense regular

D) cardiac muscle

E) dense irregular

Endomysium covers ________.

A) fascicles the muscle cells

B) an entire muscle

C) an individual muscle cell

D) myofibrils

E) smooth muscle only


The type of muscle tissue pictured in figure 6.3 is ________.

A) bones muscle

B) voluntary

C) striated

D) uncovered only in the heart

E) smooth muscle

The plasma membrane that a skeleton muscle cabinet is referred to as the ________.

A) sarcolemma

B) sarcomere

C) myofilament

D) sarcoplasm

E) sarcoplasmic reticulum

Smooth muscle cells room ________.

A) multinucleate

B) involuntary

C) branched

D) striated

E) cylindrical

Which kind of muscle organization contracts most quickly upon stimulation?

A) skeletal

B) visceral

C) cardiac

D) smooth

E) tendons

Which of the complying with is not a duty of the muscular system?

A) manufacturing of movement

B) maintenance of posture

C) stabilization that joints

D) generation the heat

E) hematopoiesis

A sarcomere is ________.

A) the nonfunctional unit of skeletal muscle

B) the contractile unit in between two Z discs

C) the area between two intercalated discs

D) the wavy currently on the cell, as seen in a microscope

E) a compartment in a myofilament

Which one of the complying with is written of myosin protein?

A) thick filaments

B) slim filaments

C) all myofilaments

D) Z discs

E) irradiate bands

Cross bridges are created when myosin heads bind to ________.

A) thick filaments

B) sarcomeres

C) slim filaments

D) sarcoplasmic reticula

E) myosin filaments

A engine neuron and all of the bones muscle yarn it stimulates space termed a ________.

A) myofilament

B) synaptic cleft

C) motor unit

D) neuromuscular junction

E) neurotransmitter

Why are calcium ions crucial for bones muscle contraction?

A) calcium increases the action potentialtransfer along the sarcolemma

B) calcium publication the inhibition top top Z discs

C) calcium triggers the binding that myosin to actin

D) calcium causes ATP binding come actin

E) calcium binding to regulatory proteins on the myosin filaments, transforming both their shape and their position on the thick filaments

The mechanical pressure of contraction is generated by ________.

A) shortening that the special filaments

B) shortening that the thin filaments

C) a sliding of slim filaments previous thick filaments

D) the "accordian-like" urgently of thin and thick filaments

E) the temporary loss of slim filaments

Acetylcholine is ________.

A) an ion pump on the postsynaptic membrane

B) a resource of energy for muscle contraction

C) a component of special myofilaments

D) an oxygen-binding protein

E) a neurotransmitter the stimulates bones muscle

The gap between the axon terminal the a engine neuron and the sarcolemma the a skeletal muscle cell is referred to as the ________.

A) motor unit

B) sarcomere

C) neuromuscular junction

D) synaptic cleft

E) overcome bridge

Neurotransmitters space released upon stimulation native a nerve advertise by the ________.

A) myofibrils

B) sarcoplasmic reticulum

C) thick filaments

D) axon terminals the the motor neuron

E) sarcolemma of the muscle cell

An elaborate and specialized network of membrane in skeleton muscle cells that function in calcium warehouse is the ________.

A) sarcolemma

B) mitochondria

C) intermediate filament network

D) myofibrillar network

E) sarcoplasmic reticulum

During bones muscle contraction, myosin heads connect to binding sites associated with ________.

A) myosin filaments

B) actin filaments

C) Z discs

D) thick filaments

E) the H zone

Which that the adhering to can actually shorten during a muscle contraction?

A) myosin filament

B) A band

C) actin filament

D) sarcomere

E) myofilamen

In stimulate to excite a muscle cell, acetycholine have to ________.

A) get in the muscle cabinet by endocytosis

B) travel right into the axon terminal that the nerve cabinet by endocytosis

C) go into the muscle cell v protein channels

D) tie to receptor in the sarcolemma the the muscle cell

E) breakdown acetylcholinesterase in the synaptic cleft

Which that these events must occur very first to create the skeletal muscle to generate an action potential and contract?

A) sodium ion rush into the cell

B) acetylcholine (ACh) causes temporary permeability come sodium

C) diffusion that potassium ions out the the cell

D) procedure of the sodium-potassium pump

E) acetylcholinesterase (AchE) breaks under acetylcholine (ACh)

A skeleton muscle twitch different from a tetanic convulsion in that ________.

A) the tetanic contraction is considered abnormal, while the twitch is a common muscle response

B) the tetanic convulsion is caused by a single stimulus, if the twitch is led to by really rapid multiple stimuli

C) the muscle twitch is an extensive and constant while a tetanic contraction is brief and "jerky"

D) the muscle twitch occurs only in little muscles when a tetanic contraction occurs in large muscle groups

E) the muscle twitch is a brief and "jerky" movement, if the tetanic contraction is lengthy and continuous



Creatine phosphate (CP) features within the muscle cells by ________.

A) developing a short-lived chemical compound v myosin

B) forming a chemistry compound with actin

C) inducing a conformational adjust in the myofilaments

D) storing energy that will be moved to ADP come resynthesize ATP as needed

E) storing energy that will be transferred to ATP to resynthesize ADP together needed



The condition of skeleton muscle exhaustion can be finest explained by ________.

A) the all-or-none law

B) the inability to generate enough quantities of ATP due to feedback regulation that synthesis

C) poor intracellular amounts of ATP because of excessive consumption

D) a total lack that ATP

E) inadequate numbers of mitochondria



Which that the complying with is an example of one isometric contraction?

A) shower the head as to say "no"

B) pushing against an immovable wall

C) bending the elbow

D) rotating the arm

E) nodding the head as to say "yes"



Anaerobic glycolysis occurs without ________.


B) oxygen

C) lactic acid

D) carbon dioxide

E) glucose



The the very least movable suggest of muscle attachments to a bone is termed the ________.

A) bone marking

B) function

C) insertion

D) action

E) origin



The activity opposite come abduction is ________.

A) flexion

B) rotation

C) circumduction

D) adduction

E) supination



Which that the complying with muscles closes the jaw?

A) buccinator

B) zygomaticus

C) frontalis

D) sternocleidomastoid

E) both masseter and also temporalis



Sandra is play the piano for her recital. Which muscle is NOT affiliated in the movement of her hands and/or fingers ________.

A) flexor carpi radialis

B) flexor carpi ulnaris

C) extensor digitorum

D) extensor digitorum longus

E) extensor carpi radialis



Which of these muscles is a synergist to masseter?

A) sternocleidomastoid

B) temporalis

C) trapezius

D) buccinator

E) orbicularis oris



Which muscle help compress the abdominal muscle contents during defecation or childbirth?

A) inner intercostals

B) deltoids

C) trapezius

D) iliopsoas

E) rectus abdominis



A muscle situated on the ventral (anterior) next of the body is the ________.

A) pectoralis major

B) occipitalis

C) gastrocnemius

D) gluteus medius

E) latissimus dorsi



A nursing infant develops a an effective sucking muscle the adults likewise use for whistling or punch a trumpet referred to as the ________.

A) platysma

B) masseter

C) zygomaticus

D) buccinator

E) temporalis



What is the main function of the quadriceps group?

A) eight flexion

B) hand supination

C) thigh abduction

D) knee extension

E) foot inversion



A muscle group that functions with and also assists the activity of a element mover is a(n) ________.

A) antagonist only

B) fixator only

C) synergist only

D) antagonist and also synergist

E) antagonist and also fixator



Which muscle is an antagonist come gastrocnemius?

A) sartorius

B) tibialis anterior

C) fibularis brevis

D) fibularis longus

E) soleus



Which muscle group includes the biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus?

A) ab muscles

B) quadriceps group

C) adductor group

D) fibularis muscles

E) hamstring group



Paralysis of i beg your pardon of the following would make an individual unable to flex the i know good ________.

A) biceps femoris

B) gastrocnemius

C) tibialis anterior

D) soleus

E) iliopsoas



Which one of the complying with muscles is affiliated in abbot of the arm at the shoulder joint?

A) deltoid

B) biceps brachii

C) triceps brachii

D) latissimus dorsi

E) pectoralis major



What is the beginning of the deltoid muscle?

A) proximal radius

B) proximal humerus

C) distal humerus

D) olecranon procedure of ulna

E) scapular spine and also clavicle



While doing "jumping jacks" throughout an practice class, your arms and legs move laterally away from the midline of your body. This activity is dubbed ________.

A) extension

B) flexion

C) abduction

D) adduction

E) circumduction



Which that the complying with muscles room antagonists?

A) biceps brachii and also triceps brachii

B) bicpes femoris and biceps brachii

C) vastus medialis and also vastus lateralis

D) masseter and temporalis

E) gastrocnemius and soleus



What problem results if muscles space not used, together as as soon as immobilized in a cast for healing a damaged bone?

A) hypertrophy

B) lordosis

C) atrophy

D) spina bifida

E) scoliosis



Which one of the adhering to is not a criterion normally used in naming muscles?

A) loved one size that the muscle

B) number of origins of the muscle

C) form of the muscle

D) technique of attachments of the muscle come bone

E) activity of the muscle



T/F: Cardiac and also skeletal muscle both own striations.



T/F: All varieties of muscle have actually endomysium extending individual muscle cells



T/F: bundles of muscle yarn are known as aponeuroses



T/F: The striations seen in skeletal muscle are actually alternative dark A and also light i bands.



T/F: The sarcoplasmic illusion wraps prefer a sleeve about the myofibril and also stores and releases calcium.



T/F: A neuromuscular junction is composed of one neuron and also all the skeletal muscles it stimulates



T/F: The neurotransmitter offered by the nervous mechanism to activate skeleton muscle cell is acetylcholine.



T/F: thick filaments are made that a protein called actin.



T/F: Aerobic respiration needs the use of oxygen to generate ATP.



T/F: The fastest device for producing ATP is aerobic respiration.



T/F: Isometric contractions produce movement as soon as filaments slide past one another and the muscle shortens.



T/F: Aerobic, or endurance, exercise entails jogging or biking



T/F: A muscle twitch results as soon as the muscle is created so quickly that no proof of be safe is seen.



T/F: The result of the neurotransmitter top top the muscle cell membrane is come temporarily change its permeability of ion such together Na+ and K+.



T/F: as soon as a muscle fiber contracts, the i bands lessen in size, the H zones disappear, and also the A bands move closer together however do not diminish in length



T/F: Abduction and adduction are antagonistic actions.



T/F: The deltoid is a element mover of arm adduction



T/F: The deepest muscle that the abdominal wall is the transversus abdominis



T/F: The deltoid muscle is a common site for intramuscular injections



T/F: Plantar flexion in ~ the ankle share is achieved by the tibialis anterior muscle.



T/F: The hamstring team inserts into the distal tibia.



T/F: Muscle advance in babies occurs in a cephalic/caudal direction.

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T/F: Supination and pronation refer to up and down activities of the foot at the ankle.