In the harry Potter books, George Weasley is hit with the death curse in the ear. His ear is puffy off yet he is fine. Exactly how is this possible? that hit him but didn"t kill him. Exactly how does that work?


He was not hit through the killing curse. He was accidentally fight by Sectumsempra, through Snape that was aiming for another Death Eater.

Now Harry to be flying together Snape on a broomstick through a clean dark night: he to be accompanied by other hooded death Eaters, and also ahead were Lupin and also a Harry who was yes, really George ... A death Eater moved ahead of Snape and also raised his wand, pointing it directly at Lupin’s back – ‘Sectumsempra!’ shouted Snape. Yet the spell, intended because that the death Eater’s wand hand, missed and also hit George instead – Deathly Hallows - web page 552 - Bloomsbury - The Prince"s Tale


Slytherincess"s prize is correct, yet the quote consisted of therein doesn"t clearly state the it was the Sectumsempra that cut off George"s ear. Over there is, however, a different quote which provides it an ext explicit. Earlier in the start of Deathly Hallows we have the following conversation:

Where"s George?

"He"s lost an ear," stated Lupin.

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"Lost an — ?" repeated Hrmione in a high voice.

"Snape"s work," claimed Lupin.

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"Snape?" shouted Harry. "You didn"t speak —"

"He lost his hood during the chase. Sectumsempra was constantly a specialty the Snape"s.




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