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Henry Clerval

Friend and also schoolfellow the Victor and also Elizabeth native childhood; murdered by the Creature.Victor describes him as an just child, "the son of a merchant of Geneva,an intimate girlfriend of mine father. He to be a boy of singular talent andfancy" (1.1.5). Clerval is nearly afamily member in the Frankensten household: when Victor complains the "Mybrothers were significantly younger 보다 myself," he notes, "but I had afriend in one of my schoolfellows, who compensated for this deficiency" (1.1.5), and also Victor consists of Clerval inhis account the his "domestic circle" because "he was constantly with us" (1.1.6). The two are united by "theclosest friendship" (1.1.5, 1831edition).After parting native Clerval ~ above his exit for Ingolstadt, Victor walk not watch hisfriend till after the development of the Creature: the arrives simply in timeto care for Victor in his an initial insane fever (1.4.4 and 1.4.7).After Frankenstein"s recovery, Clerval convinces his father to enable himto sign up with Frankenstein in ~ the University, examining classical and Easternlanguages: Clerval was no natural philosopher. His creativity was also vivid for theminutiae the science. Languages were his major study; and he sought,but getting their elements, to open a ar for self-instruction ~ above hisreturn to Geneva. Persian, Arabic, and also Hebrew, obtained his attention,after he had made himself perfectly master of Greek and also Latin. In the 1831 edition, this food of research is significantly altered in itspurpose:He involved the university through the design of making himself completemaster of the asian languages, as for this reason he should open a field for theplan of life he had marked out because that himself. Resolved to seek noinglorious career, he turned his eyes towards the East, as affording scopefor his heart of enterprise.Much later, Clerval accompanies Frankenstein ~ above what is to it is in a two-yeartour that Europe (3.1.4). The two partin Scotland, as soon as Victor starts work ~ above a mate for the Creature.

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After ~ hedestroys his new creation, Frankenstein is arrested for the murder ofClerval (3.4.3), apparently eliminated bythe Creature together punishment because that Frankenstein"s unwillingness come completehis work. Arrival 2 and also note ("A sequence ofimaginary incidents") <1831 only>Letter 4.7 and also note ("I once had a friend")<1831 only>Letter 4.7 and also note ("I once had a friend")1.1.5 and also note ("Henry Clerval")1.1.5 and also note ("Chivalry andromance")1.1.5 and also note ("He love enterprise,hardship, and even danger") <1831 only>1.1.6 and note ("The ethical relations ofthings") <1831 only>1.2.3 and also note ("His father can not be persuadedto part with him")1.4.4 and also note ("Henry Clerval")3.1.7 and also note ("Wild and enthusiasticimagination")3.1.8 and also note ("Tintern Abbey")3.2.1 and note ("The photo of myformer self")