A vain, white equine who, prior to the rebellion, traction Mr. Jones’s cart. She loves sugar and also wearing nice ribbons in her mane, and also she never cares much for the revolution—supporting the would average she couldn’t have actually sugar or ribbons. Because of this, she abandons pet Farm and enters into business for another human only a couple of months ~ the rebellion. Mollie symbolizes the selfish and materialistic middle class.

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The timeline listed below shows whereby the personality Mollie appears in Animal Farm. The fancy dots and icons indicate which themes are linked with the appearance.



The foolish mare Mollie shakes she braided and also beribboned mane when she munches sugar, and also the cat finds the...(full context)

Mollie asks the silliest questions, such together if there will certainly be sugar after the rebellion and...(full context)
...into the house for a tour. They’re in awe that the high-end until they realize Mollie is missing, yet they uncover her playing through Mrs. Jones’s hair ribbons and also reprimand her....(full context)
...“I will occupational harder!” all the pets work as tough as lock can, conserve for Mollie and the cat. Mollie struggles to increase in the morning and also often leaves work early...(full context)
...alphabet yet cannot check out words, while Boxer to learn the very first four letters and also nothing more. Mollie, meanwhile, learns just to spell she name.(full context)
The pets realize the Mollie is lacking and uncover her hiding in her stall, terrified of the gun. Once the...

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(full context)
As winter approaches, Mollie becomes more difficult to deal with. She’s often late because that work and also complains, but she...(full context)
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