If you room a pan of the ghost hunting present ‘Paranormal Lockdown‘ then right here is the sad news that the show will not come ago with the new episodes. The former Ghost Adventures Nick Groff required to social media after 3 seasons, that stated, he would certainly not be returning and insisted, “wasn’t by choice.”

Continue reading to understand what really happened to Nick Groff and also why he had actually to leave Ghost Adventures.

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Nick Groff rose to prestige after he showed up on the travel Channel’s famous series ‘Ghost Adventures’ in 2008 together Zak Bagans and Aaron Godwin. However, the is no an ext casting top top the series. He chose to leaving the popular present to produce his very own paranormal show. At the time, his fan had questions like ‘What occurred to Nick Groff?’ and ‘why did he leave Ghost Adventures?’

Let’s discover out everything around Nick Groff, consisting of his shows in detail. Take a look at below.

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Nick Groff network Worth, Business, Career

Nick groff teamed up with ‘Ghost Adventures’ producer Zak Bagans back in 2004. Nick groff is a paranormal investigator, musician and also TV personality. The trio developed a documentary series ‘Ghost Adventures’ that aired on take trip Channel. The team investigates locations that are reported to be haunted.

Nick groff from the TV show, Ghost Adventures

After ten seasons, Nick announced that he would certainly not be returning to the show for the upcoming season in 2014. That same year, he developed his own paranormal display called ‘Ghost Stalkers’ that premiered on location American.

Thereafter, Nick appeared in addition to fellow paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman in the brand-new show ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ in 2016.

They locked down themselves fr 72 straight hours in several of the most haunted locations. The present ran a full of three-season and also ended in the year 2019. Nick announced via Instagram video post that Paranormal Lockdown would certainly not be returning on destination America.

Talking around his income, his most income come indigenous the show and some indigenous his music and acting career. Nick Groff has actually a net worth of $1 million. He has released 2 albums; ‘The other Side’ and also ‘Spiritual War.’

TV Personality, Nick Groff net worth is $1 million

Aside from that, he showed up in such movies as ‘Malevolence’ and also ‘Primo.’ Besides, he also generates extra money as an executive, management producer functioning on many television series.

Moreover, Groff renders extra earnings from his business. He has his own garments brand called ‘Phantom Collection.’ In addition, the has also authored a publication titled ‘Chasing Spirits: The building of the Ghost Adventure Crew.’

Who is Nick goff Married To? satisfy His Wife and Children

The producer of Paranormal Lockdown Nick is a married man. The tied the knot to his wife Veronique in 2004. The couple has to be living a blissful married life for an ext than a decade long.

Veronique Roussel is his school sweetheart and got married after dating number of years. Nick and also Veronique room blessed with two beautiful daughters called Annabella, born ~ above 7 December 2010 and Chloe, born in 2014.

Nick Groff through his wife Veronique and also with their children (Annabella and also Chloe)

The 41 year old enjoys flaunting his love life v his wife and children ~ above his society media platforms. Nick right now lives through his wife and also kids in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why walk Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick goff is a co-founder, executive producer and cast member of Travel’s present ‘Ghost Adventures.’ on the show, the worked in addition to Zak Bagans and his collegemate, Aaron Goodwin.

Nick left the show under the unexplained circumstance in 2014. After ~ years, he defined why he left the Ghost Adventures, stating he has no choice, so he made decision to leave. He never quit the present by himself.

Nick Groff, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin indigenous the TV show, Ghost Adventures

However, many people speculated because of his new paranormal series on location American; that left the show. Susequrntually, the present couldn’t record many viewers and also end after the very first season.

Some resources acclaimed, in between him and Zak, there were ego problems and Zaks partying nature.

Nick Groff new Show Updates; What Is the Doing Now?

Now, that is working on his brand-new paranormal film ‘Momo: The Missouri Monsters’ i beg your pardon aired ~ above VIDI Space. He shared the news with his on facebook account top top 17 June 2019.

Apart indigenous that, Nick in addition to Mike Couch and also Johnny Houser is increasing funds because that a non-profit organization, shed Limbs Foundation. The organization offers money to the families of amputee youngsters who room in require of medical and also prosthetic assistance.

Nick goff Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts

Nick Groff was born in 1980 in san Jose, California and raised in Nashua, new Hampshire. He celebrates his birthday on April 19, and also now, his period is 41

. He learned at the Pelham High School and then go on to the university of Nevada, ras Vegas where he met Aaron Goodwin.

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His nationality is American and is the Caucasian descent. Once he was eight, Nick fell out the a tree that virtually killed him. At the age of 10, Groff said he witnessed a ghost the a black man.

Wiki truth Table

Full NameNick Groff
Birth DateApril 9, 1980
Birth PlaceSan Jose, California
ProfessionParanormal Investigator, TV Personality, Musician
Net Worth$1 Million
SpouseVeronique Groff
Known ForGhost Adventures