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Pammy is Daisy"s and also Tom"s daughter.

like wealth, having a baby is component of the American dream. Daisy is an ext interested in the idea of having a baby 보다 the infant itself. A nurse handles the baby, and she seems largely indifferent to the baby’s needs. The girl...

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Pammy is Daisy"s and Tom"s daughter.

Like wealth, having actually a baby is part of the American dream. Daisy is much more interested in the idea of having a baby than the baby itself. A nurse handle the baby, and also she seems mostly indifferent to the baby’s needs. The girl is simply a toy, or a diversion.

Then she psychic the heat and sat down guiltily on the couch simply as a freshly laundered nurse leading a tiny girl came into the room. (ch 7)

Daisy calls she “bles-sed pre-cious” and also says she loves her, and the infant runs come Daisy. Practically as soon as she calls her to come, Daisy tells she goodbye and also her “well-disciplined child” returns to her nurse. Gatsby is shocked, and seems come not have “ever really believed in its visibility before” (ch 7).

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Daisy claims she loves Pammy, however she go not even seem to think around her as soon as she is not brought in the room. The nurse handle everything. 

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