To celebrate the incredibly prolific, influential and diverse body of work-related left behind by Prince, we will certainly be trying out a various song that his each day for whole year v the series 365 Prince song in a Year.

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Prince's three-disc Emancipation, released after he ended his virtually 20-year partnership with Warner Bros., was the very first Prince initiative to encompass covers. While 2 of them, "La, La, La way I Love U" and also "Betcha through Golly Wow!," to be remakes the Philadelphia heart classics, the looked come the previous five years because that the various other two, Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't do U Love Me" and also Joan Osbourne's "One the Us."

A year earlier, Osbourne had actually taken "One of Us" come No. 4 top top the Billboard hot 100. Composed by Eric Bazilian native the Hooters, the lyric says a civilization where God exists and lives anonymously amongst us. For Prince, extending the song was a natural extension of his very own search because that spiritual fulfillment.

As the told Toronto's Globe and also Mail while cultivating Emancipation, that made perfect sense to take into consideration that God could be disguised in human form by pass the conversation back to another favorite object of his. “You don’t think God is sexy?” he asked. "When you have faith, serotonin starts pump in her brain. It’s the same as as soon as you have actually an orgasm.”

However, Prince make a slight, but important change to Bazilian's lyric. In the chorus, rather of questioning whether God might be "just a slob like one of us," he sang, "just a servant like among us." during his battle with Warner Bros., that wrote the word "slave" ~ above his face to reflect his feelings on a contract that limited how frequently he could release music. In the Globe and Mail interview, he embraced that "there is value" in record labels, mainly for "people who don’t desire to own their work," however it comes at a cost.

“Understand, you have the right to make you yourself a slave,” that said. “I provided to say to people, ‘Do girlfriend love me?’ and they’d say, ‘Of course we do.’ and also I’d say, ‘Then can you assist me get this turn off my face?’”

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There's likewise a connection between Prince and also Osbourne's recording. Rick Chertoff produced both Osbourne's Relish, the album on i beg your pardon "One that Us" appears, and also Cyndi Lauper's smash debut She's therefore Unusual. Lauper's record, i m sorry featured Bazilian together a multi-instrumentalist, likewise included a covering of Prince's "When U were Mine."

In 1997, Bazilian attend Prince's concert in ~ the 3,000-seat Tower theater just external Philadelphia. “I had actually made my method to the proscenium in ~ the Tower,” that told Philly Mag. “Prince began playing ‘One of Us’ and walked right up in former of me and played the etc solo in the intro literally to me. It to be otherworldly. He had actually no way of learning who ns was, but there he to be playing and smiling in ~ me. That’s the world working in secret ways.”