the an old reporters’ credo, but Cokie Roberts lived it even prior to she came to be a famous TV journalist. A dutiful daughter, a dedicated wife, and mother, she constantly prioritized others, maintaining her ego in check.

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Roberts passed away in 2019 at 75, and also “Cokie” is by Steven V. Roberts, her husband that 53 years. That is full of love and also affection, the story of two human being who were, lock both insisted, “crazy nuts” about each other due to the fact that they met together teens.


however it’s likewise the story of a complex person that was deep Catholic and fully committed to her interfaith home, driven to succeed but always supportive of other women — especially when it pertained to fighting sexism.

“I’m actually older than she was, yet I was the one looking up to her,” states Lesley Stahl. “She to be the human you wanted to it is in like.”

mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs – Cokie to be her infant brother’s attempt at express Corinne – to be born 2 days after ~ Christmas 1943. Her family members went ago to the Mayflower and also had been part of American national politics for generations.


The Boggs household at the Capitol, with Cokie holding she father’s hand. The family company was politics, and this structure shaped her entire life. (Roberts household photo)

Roberts’ father, Hale Boggs, stood for Louisiana in conference for nearly 30 years. After his plane disappeared in 1972, and he was claimed dead, his mam Lindy ran for and also won his seat. She then offered for almost 18 years.

cultivation up, Roberts to visit all-girls Catholic schools and also later credited them for her stubborn self-confidence. The nuns that taught her, the sisters of the spiritual Heart, “take girls seriously — a radical concept in the 1950s,” Roberts said.

Still, once it came time because that college, she decided Wellesley. “I’ve left my infant at a Yankee, Protestant, Republican school!” her mom wailed.

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It to be at college that Cokie Boggs met Steven Roberts, a Harvard student. She was 18, a roman Catholic from the Deep South. He was 19, a Jewish child from Bayonne. They dropped in love virtually immediately.


functioning on the yearbook at rock Ridge, Cokie is in the center, and on she left is her lifelong friend Cinda Pratt Perlman. (Roberts family photo)

It to be the beforehand ‘60s, though, and interfaith marriages were still rare. Neither set of parental approved, at first. But both eventually, grudgingly, welcomed the union.

“I do think you’ll have problems,” she father called Roberts. “But not half as plenty of problems as I’ll have actually if I shot to phone call Cokie who to marry.”

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The couple wed in 1966 in front of more than 1,500 guests, consisting of President Johnson. Lindy Boggs, and also dozens of her friends, did every the cooking. When no rabbi would agree come co-officiate v a priest, the Boggses inquiry a Jewish, former Supreme Court justice, Arthur Goldberg, to action in.

Cokie was currently working in D.C., developing a TV quiz display called “It’s Academic,” and hosting a journalists’ roundtable, “Meeting that the Minds.” yet her new husband had a project with The new York Times.

therefore the young couple moved come Manhattan. They never even questioned whose job was an ext important, Roberts admits, with some embarrassment.


Cokie looked for another job in journalism, however editors wouldn’t rental her. Castle didn’t rental women. “It was all said straight out loud,” she claimed later. “In part ways, the refreshing due to the fact that there to be no pretense.”

however even together she had actually two children, even as she followed her husband on assignments – to Europe, to California, climate finally earlier to Washington – Cokie Roberts maintained freelancing. Ten days after the 2nd baby arrived, she rushed out to sheathe a brush fire, leaving the kids with she mother.

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“I have to work because that my spiritual and emotional well-being, and while that could not be admirable, it’s true,” she said. “In interim periods between jobs, i have suffered genuine depression, and also believe me, that’s not an excellent for the children. Ns was a far better mother because I worked.”

by the beforehand ‘70s, the pair was ago in Washington, and she had actually landed at the still-young national Public Radio. She was 33, however it was her an initial full-time report job, and not all her new bosses were convinced she was ready. One didn’t like her name. Cokie? it made her sound favor some stunner sorority sister.

So, the following time, she signed turn off as mar Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs Roberts. No one ever before complained about Cokie after ~ that.

She found immediate friends and also supportive colleagues in staffers Linda Wertheimer and also Nina Totenberg. The trio was later on hailed together the starting Mothers that NPR. Even as she rushed about covering Congress, Roberts operated tirelessly come mentor other female journalists.


The Roberts" basset hound, Abner, became a individual hero after the interrupted Cokie’s broadcast on NPR one Monday morning. (Roberts family photo)

“We were the pioneers – or so we thought,” she composed later around her generation. “We were the very first women at nearly everything us did, and also most that us regularly had the suffer of gift the just woman in the room.”

always at lull in prior of a camera, Roberts was quickly on TV, too. Not every stint to be a great fit – she joked the slogan for PBS’ stuffy “NewsHour” should be “Yesterday’s News Tomorrow.” however she found her niche ~ above ABC’s “This Week.”

Still, journalism remained an old boy’s club, and, together the token mrs on a dashboard discussion, the rules might be infuriating.

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“If girlfriend interrupt also much and are too aggressive and ready to gain in there, girlfriend come throughout as a bitchy shrill witch,” she said. “And if friend don’t talk enough and also are polite and wait, then you come across as a wallflower through nothing to say.”

yet female viewers appreciated her — particularly the oh-come-off-it look at she’d sometimes shoot a pompous politician. “I loved Cokie’s eye roll,” stated colleague Martha Raddatz. “That eye roll of Cokie’s, friend knew what she was yes, really thinking.”

Roberts was scrupulously fair, though, as challenging on Republicans together Democrats. And she had an off-screen, old-fashioned sense of responsibility – functioning for save the Children, visiting ailing friends, faithful attending Mass. The ugliness that the contemporary world appalled her.

“Nothing is worse 보다 the computer system mail,” she exclaimed. “Now I have actually a type letter that states ‘Your mommy would be ashamed the you.’”

Roberts would proceed to work and also write, periodically with she husband. After year of hosting Seders, she even wrote and also published an interfaith Haggadah. But then, an ext than 15 year after she’d beaten ago breast cancer, the returned.

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A thousand mourners attended her funeral Mass, and her husband gave the eulogy. And this book, Roberts said, is the continuance.

“We were in the same business,” Roberts wrote. “Jealousy is a virus that can have easily infected our relationship. Ns was established not to let the happen and also so was she. Besides, ns was Cokie’s biggest fan. I was attracted to her in the very first place because she to be so smart and also strong. Ns was no surprised once the rest of the people discovered what ns had always known.”