“Now the daring assumed that we had, in the beginning of the moral Movement, was to unite in one group, in one bond, those who had this spiritual feeling and also those who simply cared because that the ethical betterment…. In the more comprehensive sense religion method zealousness and devotion to something supreme, in the special sense it means cosmic outreaching. Currently I myself have always been a spiritual person in the 2nd sense, and also never a just moralist. But I started this culture with the refer purpose and intent the it have to not consist only of those who stood together I did, who had the same spiritual feeling and also needs, however that it must be open up to all those who thought in moral betterment, due to the fact that that is the suggest on which we all agree. Our honest religion has actually its basis in the initiative to improve the world and ourselves morally.” — Felix Adler

In 1876, Felix Adler established the Ethical society Movement which proclaimed a vision of humankind united in typical concern for moral values. Our ethical Societies room fellowships of people who seek a clarification of the values of life and a faith to live by. We cherish liberty of the mind and also freedom the conscience. Us assert the autonomy of values while we tolerate a plurality that philosophies. Us affirm and also promote the following principles which space integral to our moral Movement:

Every person has actually inherent worth; each human being is unique.It is our duty to improve the high quality of life for ourselves and others.Ethics are obtained from human experience.Life is sacred, interrelated and interdependent.

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Life is a great, secret gift. We affirm ours respect because that the interdependent web of existence, of i m sorry we space all a part. The is our commitment come the goal of a people community with peace, liberty, justice or all.

Although the Ethical society Movement started with Felix Adler, there are many strands which added to it. In truth the honest movement is a component of the long background of the effort of humans to find an interpretation and objective in life. That is component of a continuity v the past; it prospered out of the religions of Judaism and also Christianity. The moral Movement share the lengthy heritage of honest religions. That is a “religion that duty” i beg your pardon Adler lugged to life, a religion united ~ above the common ground of moral action.

Some of the strands of ethical humanism can be traced ago to the work of the old Greeks: from the humanist spirit of the old Greeks where people were stated to it is in the “measure of all things,” with the Middle ages when humanistic non-theism was an under-current that the time, into the Renaissance when there to be a renewed attention in the principle of human being dignity. The think of Spinoza, Kant and Comte in Europe and also Emerson, Frances Wright and Margaret Fuller in America gone into into the philosophy of the Ethical culture Movement.

Emerson dubbed for a new ethical church: “There will certainly be a new church started on moral science, at an initial cold and naked, a babe in a manger again, the algebra and also mathematics of honest law. The church…will have actually heaven and also earth because that its beams and also rafters, scientific research for symbol and also illustrations; it will certainly fast enough gather beauty, music, snapshot and poetry.” Emerson and also Adler supported the cost-free Religious Movement and also the contact for an ethical religion. In 1876 Adler started the society for Ethical society in brand-new York City.

During the last quarter of the nineteenth century ethical Societies were developed in Chicago (1883), Philadelphia (1885) and also St. Luigi (1886). Today, there are 21 ethical Societies and also five smaller fellowships nationwide, in enhancement to the web-based society WithOut Walls.

Since that is inception, the Ethical culture Movement has been in the head of movements to improve human being welfare. It has exerted affect well beyond its numerical toughness in the areas of education, housing, labor and settlement work. The motion was responsible for developing the an initial free Kindergarten in the eastern in 1878 in new York City and also the an initial Visiting Nurse Service. Improve-ments in housing in slum areas were made and are still gift made since of the tasks of Leaders and also members of ethical Societies.

The john Lovejoy Elliott dwellings in new York room a tribute come the unique work and also energy the this Leader. It was Dr. Elliott who produced the Hudson Guild settlement which came to be an oasis because that vocational education, community business and an imaginative play because that so countless young people of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. The Ethical society Movement fought for child Labor Laws; the founding of the child Study Association to be the job-related of honest members.

The Westchester society was crucial in starting Futura residence (housing because that recovering holy spirit ill), the Guidance center of brand-new Rochelle and also it organized the very first public forum ~ above abortion legal rights in the 1960s.

It is with such action that ethical values become meaningful and also are offered substance. Activities at the current time incorporate work in the educational program of Encampment because that Citizenship, Planetary Citizens, beyond War, visions of Peace, in the work-related for sane nuclear policy and also in the entirety area of gyeongju integration and economic justice together it touches the resides of all people.

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Ethical Societies have actually a common commitment to a spiritual and ethical emphasis, congregational affiliations, family members life and ethical education, life passage ceremonies, and also the Sunday Meeting. Every Ethical culture Society is a self-governing body and also conducts its own Sunday Meeting, decides in the own spiritual and ethical education and learning programs and its own social service and social action programs and projects for members and also non-members alike. The national organization, the American moral Union, is a member the the worldwide Humanist and also Ethical Union which has groups from an excellent Britain, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the former Yugoslavia, India, Japan.

Our honest Movement to represent a object in history which sides v humanity. In the indigenous of Arthur Dobrin, Leader that the honest Humanist culture of lengthy Island: “When we sign up with the moral Movement we perform so not since we space fleeing indigenous our previous but due to the fact that we currently accept a new type that for united state is depth and an ext meaningful. We desire to get in a wider spiritual fellowship, united with men and also women that every heritage. What we look for is a reverence because that a human personality, a enthusiasm for society justice and an attempt to use the ideal of the world’s wisdom to contemporary living.”