To price the question of why room laptops more expensive than desktops, a couple of basics have to be understood. That’s the specific purpose of this article.

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Although both types of computers rely on semiconductors come work, the variety of similarities begin diminishing together you watch closer in ~ their internal construction.

The key reason why laptop computers are an ext expensive 보다 desktops is in the advance costs to produce hardware the is compact enough and also at the exact same time meeting an intended level the performance.

And it’s not just performance the is a big challenge. That is also keeping the system cool sufficient that security is kept under most common usage conditions.

Differences of each component that influence the price

Here is a basic list the the significant components the make a difference in exactly how much they price with one explanation the why that may be.

If you are curious, I have written one more article around various parts of a computer and also their role for computer systems in basic if you’d prefer to learn more.

The motherboard


Modern laptop computers have adjusted to utilizing an M.2 SSD together a main drive. This is good, seeing an SSD doesn’t endure from the shortcomings of mechanical drives and also delivers superior levels the performance.

We talk much more about SSD’s and also if they’re worth it if you are interested to recognize more.

Laptop hard drives smaller and an ext compact (2.5 inch vs 3.5 customs for desktops). They additionally have a lower storage capacity, less performance, and are slightly an ext expensive than a desktop computer hard drive of the very same size and also comparative specifications.


This is a component the isn’t current in a desktop computer computer. The closes point that might resemble one for a desktop computer machine, would be a UPS (Uninterruptable power Supply).

A UPS is usually a unit through a battery within it the connects up separately from the mains power and also keeps your computer running long sufficient to save all her work and shut it down safely.

For a laptop however, the battery deserve to do much more that just that. You can run the entire laptop with extra peripherals plugged right into it for several hours at a time there is no plugging it right into the power charger.

This is something that adds an additional cost come manufacture a laptop. Although it isn’t something very pricey, it still contributes to the finish price.

A laptop needs to be designed in such a way to keep the battery safe from physical damage to a specific degree and also as cool together possible.

So one extra little bit of the laptop’s design is committed to do simply that for the battery. There are other things to likewise consider once incorporating a battery right into a product choose a reasonable amount of amp hours so the laptop deserve to run because that a desirable length of time before being depleted.

Here room some extra advice if you space interested in maintaining a laptop’s battery healthier for much longer in an article I wrote around the subject.


And there you have it, every one of the significant individual components and why lock cost more in a laptop.

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So the next time you space looking at laptop computers in her favorite store, save in mind every one of the extra advancement and production prices when it concerns delivering all that performance in a little package.