Why did Brazil start a road construction program?A)to affix commercial farmsB)to affix Brasilia with other regionsC)to connect seaside citiesD) to construct trade networks

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by TomCruiseEmulous of reputation (first)
by TomCruiseEmulous of fame (first)
A man and a woman get in a crowded room whereby many world they have seen before are present. The man and also the woman get in the room separately, yet only among them enters come a musical serenade. An additional man speaks to every of them for a couple of minutes once the two gain together in the room. The crowd has actually been quiet because that the many part, and also the familiar world seem to it is in in a happy mood, however when the man and also the woman leave the room, they find the group is now external waiting because that them. Once the crowd sees the man and the woman, they start shouting and also throwing food in ~ the 2 as they shot to depart the area. What to be going on here, and also why did the crowd pelt the man and the woman through food?
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by 10thGuruParagon that Genius
by 10thGuruParagon the Genius
Why go the Bretton Woods Institution start to shift its attention much more towards arising countries?
Why walk Gandhiji begin fast unto fatality when Dr. B.R Ambedkar demanded separate electorate for Dalits?
Why walk the roman Catholic Church start to store an table of contents of prohibited publications from the mid 16th century?
A man was pushing his auto along the road when he concerns a hotel. The shouts "I"m bankrupt!" Why walk the male shout that out?
Two blondes were going come disneyland and also came come a fork in the road. One means said highway 93 right and also the other said Disneyland left.Why walk the blondes walk home?
Two sentries to be on duty external a barracks. One faced up the roadway to watch because that anyone approaching native the North. The various other looked down the road to see if anyone approached indigenous the South. Suddenly one of them said to the other, "Why are you smiling?" how did he understand that his companion to be smiling?

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