Ever wondered about the connection status the the handsome and hilarious James Roday? many of us easily can have guessed his existing status based on his past background of his relationship. Well, what we view or hear is always not the truth yet what we guess can sometimes concerned be true. Not maintaining suspense further, let united state read and also find the end the truth.

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Maggie Lawson and also James Roday divorced after 7 years of Married Life

Every psych lover loved to see Maggie Lawson and also James Roday together. Also, we had actually a dream to view the cute couple getting married. Well, everyone’s dream to view Maggie Lawson and also James Roday remained a dream today. After 7 year of relationship, the couples finally made decision to break up.

The cutest couple in the television background broke increase in 2014. In ~ present, Maggie is married come Ben Koldyke. Maggie and also Ben got involved in November 2014 and after date for nine months, they ultimately got married in respectable 2015. So, at present James is single.


Caption:- Maggie Lawson v Her Husband James Roday

Maggie Lawson is an American actress who is finest known because that her role as Detective Juliet in the TV show “PSYCH” conversely, James played the role of detective Shawn Spencer in the exact same series.

James and Maggie that were once taken as the cutest pair in the television human being soon turned out to be the real-life couple. The pair fell for each various other in 2006 top top the set of PSYCH, an American detective comedy-drama television collection created by Steve Franks.

 James Roday Is single now.

James Roday, that was as soon as in a serious and also long connection with his co-actor Maggie Lawson, is currently solitary and has had actually no background of dating before and after Maggie in his life.

No an ext standing around waiting because that iiiit. Toniiiiiiiight IS iiiiiiiiittttt. Pic.twitter.com/wFmF2NgbYv

— James Roday (
JamesRoday) December 7, 2017

Maggie is right now married come Ben Koldyke and is an extremely happy with him at present.

Love Life, Dating, Engaged, Girlfriend

Leading a very romantic life, the most handsome and stunning man James Roday once mutual the best chemistry through ex-girlfriend Maggie Lawson.

The romantic guy seemed to be an extremely unlucky about his love life. The hero shared many of his off-screen time with his girl as soon as he remained in a connection with her. Looks favor spending a good time in both real lives and also Television didn’t occupational out well because that the couple.

Well, forgetting the past, Roday is enjoying his singlehood waiting for the right human to come into his life. He is no yet married or involved neither he has actually a wife.

Short Bio (Movies, Career, net Worth)

Born together an actor, director and also a screenwriter the 41-year-old James Roday is energetic as an actor since 1999. The is best known as hyper-observant consultant detective and fake psychic Shawn Spencer in USA Network collection Psych.

He has actually acted in nearly 28 series and movies due to the fact that 1999 and also has directed approximately 8 tv series.

He was nominated for plenty of awards for which he won finest LEAD actor in a drama collection at the second Annual Timmy’s Awards in 2012. He also won the ideal Actor award in a television series for Psych in ~ Imagen Awards the same year.

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His hard work and also dedication towards his career have made the $3-million-net-worth today. Us wish him because that a effective future ahead.