“Why did the chicken cross the road?”. Most of united state have currently heard this expression a million times. Isn’t it true? because our childhood we have heard this silly yet funny joke. Basically this is a typical riddle joke v hundreds of an easy answers, the punchline or answer might be: “To gain to the various other side” this is the very simple answer. The is an example of anti feeling joke. Human being might get curious and they might think the the answer will be a punchline however its prize is a straightforward statement that fact. This deserve to lead come very simple statements yet definitely fun for you come play.


The riddle video game is a really old video game which started out of nowhere and also it became popular among kids and adults because of its significant punchlines. You have the right to play this game whenever girlfriend are getting bored as its a boredom killer. No only kids love this game yet adults also. That requires presence of mind since you have to extract response which need to be a explain of fact yet the listener will have fun to know the answer. Below are some of the examples associated to it:

Why go the chicken cross the road?

There are numerous funny jokes about why did the chicken overcome the road.

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I made decision to complete list that funny answers and jokes top top this topic roughly the internet. I’m certain you’ll have actually some great fun reading it.