Great alters were developing in England throughout the sixteenth century. Financial changes centered on sheep. During the 1500s, the need for woolen cloth in Europe soared. In bespeak to meet this demand, a collection of legit actions made it possible for English landowners to enclose their farms, fencing off huge areas together grazing lands for sheep. Manufacturers spun and also wove the wool right into cloth, which merchants sold throughout Europe. Together a result, landowners, wool manufacturers and also merchants amassed an excellent wealth. Many of this people began to look for methods to invest their new-found wealth. Among these means was come invest in colonies.

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At the same time this Englishmen were searching for ways to invest your wealth, others were no so fortunate. The little farmers, who for generations had actually rented their tiny plots of floor from large landowners, lost their farms and also their work when the land to be enclosed with fences come raise sheep. Men, women and children were uprooted and drifted from the countryside to towns and also cities trying to find work. Many were lessened to begging or come stealing to survive. Moving to a brand-new world appeared a hopeful an option for numerous of these people, together it did for English leaders who saw colonies as a means to fix the difficulty of the growing numbers of displaced and also poor people.


Employments the Englishmen, Theodor de Bry

England likewise looked in ~ the negotiation of colonies as a method of fulfilling its desire to sell much more goods and also resources to other countries than it bought. If nests could send raw materials, such as lumber, from the diversity of organic resources accessible in the colonies, then England would not have to buy these from other countries. In ~ the same time, the homesteaders could it is in a sector for England’s manufactured goods.

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The English knew that establishing swarms was an expensive and risky business. Therefore, sellers organized a service venture– a joint-stock agency called the Virginia company of London. In 1606 King James i granted the Virginia firm its first charter, consisting of the right to establish colonies in Virginia and also extending all legal rights of english to the colonists. Under this charter, wealthy men invested money come finance ships and supplies required for the first voyage to Virginia. A second charter in 1609 invited the general public to buy share in the company. A third charter in 1612 provided for lotteries, with tickets sold in London and also surrounding areas and prizes because that winning ticket holders. This was another means the Virginia firm tried come raise money come finance the Virginia colony.

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