was a surprise military strike performed by the imperial Japanese Navy versus the United claims naval basic at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the morning the December 7, 1941. 350 aircraft were ruined or damaged. Every 8 battleships the the U.S. Pacific Fleet to be sunk or badly damaged - including the U.S.S. Arizona. And also yet all of America"s plane carriers stayed unscathed.

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On the morning the 7 December 1941, Ward to be conducting a preventative patrol turn off the entrance to Pearl Harbor when she encountered, attacked and sank a Japanese Ko-hyoteki-class midget submarine, thus firing the an initial American shots of human being War II a few hours prior to Japanese carrier plane formally opened the conflict with their assault on the Pacific Fleet inside the harbor.
During the Japanese strike on Pearl port on 7 December 1941, Arizona was bombed. She exploded and also sank, death 1,177 officers and also crewmen. Unlike numerous of the various other ships sunk or damaged the day, Arizona could not be totally salvaged, though the marine removed parts of the ship for reuse. The wreck still lies at the bottom that Pearl Harbor and also the USS Arizona Memorial, committed on 30 might 1962 to all those who died during the attack, straddles the ship"s hull.
Husband Edward Kimmel (February 26, 1882 - might 14, 1968) was a four-star admiral in the United states Navy. He served as Commander-in-chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet at the moment of the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor. Due to the fact that of the attack, that was removed from his command and was diminished to his irreversible two-star location of behind admiral. That would consequently retire indigenous the Navy with that rank.
was a form of cruiser, a navy warship draft for long range, high speed and an armament of marine guns approximately 203mm caliber (8 inches)their main role was escorting plane carriers instead of engaging in surface ar actions.
In marine terminology, a destroyer is a fast and also maneuverable however long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and also defend them versus smaller, powerful, short-range attackers. Destroyers, originally dubbed torpedo-boat destroyers in 1892 evolved from the response of navies to the hazard posed through the torpedo boat.
The quick life of pressure Z (December 10, 1941) December 2: pressure Z come at Singapore. Pressure Z is composed of brothers battleships Prince the Wales, and battle cruiser Repulse. Commanding Admiral Tom Phillips is proponent that capitol ships invulnerability from waiting attack. December 10: pressure Z departs Singapore heading towards Japanese landing. In spite of threat that aerial attack Phillips refuses market of aerial protections 1113 AM very first Japanese aircraft show up over force Z.
The fight of wake Island began simultaneously with the strike on Pearl Harbor and also ended ~ above 23 December 1941, v the surrender the the American pressures to the realm of Japan. The was dealt with on and around the atoll developed by wake Island and its islets the Peale and Wilkes islands by the air, land and also naval forces of the empire of Japan against those of the U.S., v Marines playing a prominent duty on both sides. Marines very first show that toughness.
General that the military Douglas MacArthur (26 January 1880 - 5 April 1964) MacArthur to be recalled to energetic duty in 1941 together commander that U.S. Army Forces far East. A collection of disasters followed, beginning with the damage of his air force on 8 December 1941, and also the invasion of the Philippines through the Japanese. MacArthur"s forces were quickly compelled to retract to Bataan, where they organized out until may 1942. In march 1942, MacArthur, his family and also his staff left Corregidor Island in PT boats and escaped to Australia, where MacArthur ended up being Supreme Commander, Southwest Pacific Area. Because that his defense the the Philippines, MacArthur to be awarded the Medal that Honor. After more than two years that fighting in the Pacific, the fulfilled a promise to go back to the Philippines. He officially embraced Japan"s surrender top top 2 September 1945, and oversaw the occupation the Japan indigenous 1945 to 1951. Together the effective ruler that Japan, he supervised sweeping economic, political and social changes. He got the Medal of Honor because that his company in the Philippines Campaign. Arthur MacArthur, Jr., and Douglas MacArthur were the first father and also son to each be vested the medal. The was among only 5 men ever to climb to the rank of general of the army in the U.S. Army, and the only man ever to end up being a ar marshal in the Philippine Army.
It to be very huge for a landing ar of the day. In the so late summer and fall the 1941, plenty of aircraft were sent out to Clark in anticipation of war with royal Japan. The base was overrun by Japanese pressures in early January 1942. The base then became a significant center because that staging Japanese wait operations. Japanese aircraft flying out of Clark participated in the fight of Leyte Gulf, thought about to it is in the largest naval fight of the second World War. Throughout the war, the Allied detainees of the Bataan fatality March passed by the main gate that Clark air Base, together the soldiers adhered to the direction of the railway tracks north, in the direction of Camp O"Donnell. Clark air Base was recaptured by americans in January 1945, after three months that fierce fighting in the Philippines.
was the forcible transfer, by the royal Japanese Army, the 76,000 American and Filipino detainees of war after the three-month battle of Bataan in the Philippines during civilization War II, which brought about the deaths of hundreds of prisoners. The 128 kilometres (80 mi) march was characterized by wide-ranging physical abuse and also murder, and resulted in very high fatalities inflicted ~ above prisoners and also civilians alike by the Japanese Army, and also was later judged by one Allied military commission to it is in a Japanese battle crime
28 Feb USS Houston and HMAS Perth captured by larger Japanese task force. Both ships sunk in ferocious night battle.
He was to fighter plane what Billy Mitchell to be to bombers. Military Air Corps officer and advocate for fighter/interceptor aircraft. Compelled to pensioner in 1937, became air advisor to Chiang Kai-Shek and organized hiring of mercenaries for Chinese air force. Also organized early warning network of Chinese peasants equipped through radios.1940: returned to US to aid organize recruitment the American pilots for American Volunteer group Later command 14th air force in China from 42-45One of few American military figures to maintain close relations with Chiang Kai-Shek. Married Chinese reporter formed this into the AVG and soon they will gain a more famous nickname and also he will command the wait forced and he will come to be attached to the Chinese government and also he is among the few men who Chiang respected and his mam was the sister the the Chinese ambassador to the US.
were volunteer waiting units arranged by the united States federal government to aid the Nationalist government of China against Japan in the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. The just unit come actually check out combat was the first AVG, popularly well-known as the flying Tigers. In an initiative to assist the Nationalist government of China and to put press on Japan, president Franklin Roosevelt in April 1941 authorized the development of a clandestine "Special waiting Unit" consist of of 3 combat teams equipped with American aircraft and staffed by aviators and technicians to be recruited from the U.S. Army, Navy and also Marine Corps for company in China. The routine was fleshed out in the winter the 1940-1941 through Claire Lee Chennault, climate an air torture to the Chinese conference leader Chiang Kai-shek, and Lauchlin Currie, a young economist in the Roosevelt White House. Lock envisioned a small air corps that 500 combat aircraft, back in the end, the number was decreased to 200 fighters and 66 irradiate bombers.
was a campaign fought by Allied and also Japanese forces in Malaya, native 8 December 1941 - 31 January 1942 throughout the second World War. The campaign was overcame by floor battles between British Commonwealth army units, and also the imperial Japanese Army. For the British, Indian, Australian and Malayan pressures defending the colony, the campaign was a full disaster.
was a basic of the Japanese Imperial military during civilization War II. He was most famed for overcoming the British nests of Malaya and also Singapore, earning the nickname "The Tiger that Malaya".
was a decisive naval battle of the Pacific project of civilization War II, i m sorry sealed the fate the the Netherlands east Indies. Allied navies experienced a terrible defeat at the hand of the imperial Japanese Navy, ~ above 27 February 1942, and also in an additional actions over successive days. The American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDA) Strike pressure commander—Admiral Karel Doorman—was killed. The results of the battle included numerous smaller actions approximately Java, including the smaller however also significant Battle that Sunda Strait.
was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the imperial Japanese navy Air company (IJNAS) indigenous 1940 come 1945. The A6M to be designated together the Mitsubishi Navy form 0 transport Fighter, and additionally designated as the Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen and Mitsubishi marine 12-shi transport Fighter. The A6M was usually referred to by the Allies together the "Zero", native the "Navy form 0 carrier Fighter" designation. The official Allied reporting surname was Zeke. When it to be introduced early in human being War II, the Zero was taken into consideration the most qualified carrier-based fighter in the world, combining great maneuverability and really long range. In early on combat operations, the Zero obtained a legendary reputation as a "dogfighter", afford the outstanding kill proportion of 12 to 1, however by mid-1942 a mix of brand-new tactics and also the arrival of much better equipment enabled the ally pilots to connect the Zero on an ext equal terms.
Is a roadway linking Burma (also dubbed Myanmar) with the southwest of China.in human being War II, when the British used the Burma roadway to move materiel to China prior to Japan was at war through the British. Supplies would be landed at Rangoon (now Yangon) and moved by rail come Lashio, where the roadway started in Burma. In 1940 the British federal government yielded come Japanese diplomatic push to close down the Burma roadway to supplies to China for a period of three months. After the Japanese overran Burma in 1942, the Allies were compelled to supply Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalist Chinese through air. Lock flew these provides from airfields in Assam, India, over "the hump", the eastern finish of the Himalaya uplift. "The Hump" (1943-44) Aerial supply path from India come China over east Himalayan mountains, replacing closed Burma Road.
was a five-star admiral of the United states Navy. He hosted the dual command of commander in Chief, United claims Pacific Fleet (CinCPac), for U.S. Marine forces and also Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean locations (CinCPOA), for U.S. And Allied air, land, and sea pressures during world War II.<1> He to be the top U.S. Navy authority top top submarines, and also Chief of the Navy"s bureau of navigation in 1939. He offered as chef of navy Operations (CNO) native 1945 till 1947. He was the joined States" last surviving Fleet Admiral.
was an Irish-American naval aviator that the United claims Navy that on February 20, 1942 ended up being the U.S. Navy"s first flying ace and Medal of honor recipient in world War II. Butch O"Hare"s final activity took place on the night that November 26, 1943, if he was leading the U.S. Navy"s first-ever night fighter attack launched from an aircraft carrier. During this encounter with a team of Japanese torpedo bombers, O"Hare"s F6F Hellcat to be shot down; his plane was never ever found.
(commonly referred to as "Bill" or "Bull" Halsey), was a U.S. Marine officer. That commanded the southern Pacific Area throughout the beforehand stages that the Pacific War versus Japan. Later he was commander the the third Fleet through the expression of hostilities.
colloquially referred to as the "Big E," was the sixth aircraft transport of the United claims Navy and the saturday U.S. Marine ship to bear the name. Launched in 1936, she was a ship of the Yorktown class, and one of just three American carriers commissioned prior to world War II to endure the war (the others being Saratoga and Ranger). She participated in more major actions of the war versus Japan than did any other us ship. This actions contained the battle of Midway, the battle of the eastern Solomons, the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, miscellaneous other air-sea engagements during the Guadalcanal campaign, the fight of the Philippine Sea, and also the battle of Leyte Gulf, and the "Doolittle Raid" on Tokyo. Top top three different occasions during the Pacific War, the Japanese announced the she had actually been sunk in battle. Companies earned 20 fight stars, the most for any U.S. Warship in world War II. Some have actually labeled she the many glorious and honored ship in the background of the United states Navy, rivaled just perhaps through the 18th century frigate USS Constitution.

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on 18 April 1942, to be the very first air raid through the United states to strike the Japanese house Islands (specifically Honshu) during civilization War II. By demonstrating the Japan chin was fragile to American wait attack, it detailed a an important morale rise and chance for U.S. Retaliation after ~ the Japanese assault on Pearl harbor on 7 December 1941. The raid was planned and also led by sublievenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle, USAAF. Doolittle would later recount in his autobiography that the raid to be intended to bolster American morale and to reason the Japanese to start doubting their leadership.




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