The title relatively well sums increase the question. Us all understand elves have pointed ears. Even if it is they it is in LotR layout with slim tapers, or full blown foot lengthy impracticalities, every elves have actually pointed ears.

In a realistic context though, would there it is in any advantage to having actually pointed ears (foot lengthy or otherwise)? while I"m no ear-expert, it seems to me the there would certainly be zero differences between a pointed ear and a rounded one.

Would over there be services to spicy ears?

Please note that this is a science-based and also biology question. It"s not about speculation on what sharp ears can be supplied for; it"s about what advantages - particularly in the field of listening - pointed ears might give to their owners.

science-based biology
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asked Sep 13 "17 at 17:46

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I cannot answer because that pointed ears specifically, yet the shape of ears is known, in audio science, to have an affect on sounds reflected into the ear canal.

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See here, one excerpt is below (The pinna is the outer part of the ear; plural is pinnae):

In animals the role of the pinna is to collect sound, and also perform spectral transformations to incoming sound which enable the process of vertical localization to take it place.<2> It collection sound through acting together a funnel, amplifying the sound and directing it come the hear canal. While reflecting from the pinna, sound additionally goes through a filtering process, and also frequency dependence amplitude modulation which adds directional info to the sound (see sound localization, vertical sound localization, head-related transfer function, pinna notch). In various species, the pinna can likewise signal mood and also radiate heat.

In human beings at the very least (because the is simpler for us to tell researchers what we are hearing) if the external folds, bumps and also valleys of our pinnae space filled with wax, even if no wax is offered close to the ear canal, we shed the capacity to situate the resource of sounds. These folds, bumps and also valleys are unique to each person, but when simulated on a computer they develop micro-echoes and also amplifications that space dependent upon the place of sounds; and also the theory is the our brains find out to analyze these in bespeak to provide us a feeling of sound source position.

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Thus, the pointing the the elven ears, whether movable or not, may be advantageous to castle in triangulating sound sources; perhaps greater or reduced frequency sounds 보다 in the human range. Many pets with pointed ears do hear frequencies well above the human range. The suggest of the pointing (ha!) may also just it is in the physical size afforded; once it involves sound tide this range of difference can matter: it is why our base speakers have to be larger than other speakers , for example. The allude may act as a wave overview for high frequencies that amplifies them in the elven ear canal.