The people of bodybuilding is bizarre. While the turns roughly the resides of some civilization for good, it also throws some right into darkness. Candice Armstrong’s story is indigenous the dark hallows that steroid abuse which is a dominant part of this sport. If you have no idea exactly how steroids have the right to manipulate your hormones, and are reasoning of sticking in a needle into your arm, climate this item is for you. 

Note- before you read any further and also start happen judgment, please be mindful that this to be a rare instance of ‘excessive steroid abuse’ which brought about such major consequences. This doesn’t really occur under monitored steroid usage.

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The Desperation To gain Bigger using Steroids 

Female bodybuilding athletes do use steroids. That’s a no brainer. However that’s no the suggest of discussion here. What we desire to convey is the desperation to get bigger utilizing steroids and also how endless this thirst have the right to be. Candice Armstrong was as soon as a beautiful blonde waitress however things room no longer the exact same now. Due to excessive steroid use/abuse she looks very different v the dimension of she muscles putting many young dudes come shame.

This is what Candice looked like once she started.


After a couple of year of steroid usage, she started noticing changes in voice- it grew heavier, like a man’s. Aggravated human body hair growth, and also stubble were not the only alters she to be witnessing. Together her muscles got bigger and thicker, for this reason did she clitoris. Her unmonitored and prolonged steroid addiction had actually caused her clitoris to swell up and also take the shape of a ‘mini penis’. This is what she herself stated in a documentary called ‘Jodie swamp on Steroids ~ above TLC’. “The cock is an ext of an enlarged clitoris”, she says. 

From Pole Dancing come Bodybuilding

Her fitness journey started from pole run lessons. From there, it eventually shifted towards continual gym workouts. A couple of years in, she was addicted to utilizing bodybuilding steroids. Soon, she became a standard example of human body dysmorphia and bigorexia. The is a condition under i beg your pardon one feel he/she is too little and pursues relentless mass gain. She stated she would certainly workout for approximately 3 hours a work in bespeak to acquire bigger.

It Was never Enough


Despite gift told by civilization she is developing good biceps, it wasn`t enough for her. She chose to immerse herself right into the human being of steroids. She started abusing a steroid named Trenbolene, injecting substantial doses because that months top top end. “I was gaining a little of facial hair, belly hair and my voice gained deeper. My ¬periods stopped. But I just blocked out a lot of it. Ns shaved and tried to cover things up. It was steady so it no so lot of a shock.” She states it wasn`t her intention to become so huge that she would shed her femininity. In the documentary she states “I wanted big arms, broad shoulders, a bigger back and narrow hips however I didn`t consciously decision I want to change from a woman into a man”

Will quiet Continue


When asked about the worst thing about using drugs, she discussed body hair and also acne in addition to a penis like growth on she clit. She also that claims her breasts have turned right into a manly chest yet she is cool with it. Having suffered correctly life-altering effects because of steroid abuse, she still has actually no plans come discontinue. She says that it will do an ext harm 보다 good. “I will shed all the muscle mass however won`t lose the masculine characteristics like facial hair and also the deep voice, as these room irreversible. If I desire to change these mrs features, ns would need the same measures a male would need to end up being a female”, she says.

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The Life that A traction Queen


Talking around the positive effects that steroids her, she states that her brand-new look has allowed her to execute in traction shows, i m sorry she constantly loved. A drag display is something wherein performers regularly don elaborate costumes and also make up and sometimes frequently dress come imitate the contrary sex. It rotates date, she continues to lead this life and also refrains from offering up the needle.

Singh Daman is one On-Floor and online personal Trainer and also PG diploma holder in fitness and nutrition that believes physics Fitness is as vital in one`s life as Breathing,Sleeping and eating. You attach with that on his YouTube Page