MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Hurricanes, they strengthen end water and weaken end land. Have you ever before wondered why this is the case?

In this episode of the breakdown, us will explain the factor why hurricanes undermine over land, and some myths connected with tropic cyclones that move over land.

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Tropical cyclones, they flourish in ocean waters as result of the rich amounts of moisture and also the heat sources that the seas provide.

The an ext heat and also moisture the storm encounters, the stronger the storm will certainly grow, the more storms will form and the higher intensity that the storm. In the photo below the red and also purple colour indicating very solid winds as Michael move on shore. Wind increases to 150 mph.


Once a tropical device moves inland, the storm will usually weaken rapidly. This is due to the absence of moisture inland and also the lower warm sources over land. Notice in the photo below, together the storm move north and more inland the stronger winds indicated by the red and also purple shades diminish.


According come the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, the depletion that moisture and heat damages the tropic storms ability to develop thunderstorms close to the storms center.

The lack of thunderstorms or convection will reason the collapse of the eye the the storm and also as the eye filling in the storm will weaken and start to dissipate.

Some misconceptions around tropical equipment weakening onshore is that it is because of friction the the land. This is some what contradictory. If the continual winds space reduced due to the fact that of the dampening result of larger roughness end land.

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The factor why the gusts are stronger since turbulence increases and also acts to lug faster winds down to the surface ar in a quick burst.

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