The Star Wars cosmos is, needless come say, house to a substantial gallery of unique and also memorable (and dangerous) characters who either aid or hinder our heroes’ searches for can be fried victory. An underrated fan-favorite records the eye for his history of law both…as well together for his fashion sense. To be Lando Calrissian simply trying to beat everyone to the Han Solo cosplay punch? Is there also Halloween in space?

According come a 2011 brand-new Orleans Comic-con panel, including Lando actor Billy Dee Williams himself, the decision to have Lando don Han’s clothes was made by head costume designer man Mollo. No main reasoning has ever before been provided by members the the manufacturing team or cast.

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From mild, sensible reasonings come wild and hardly feasible conspiratorial hypotheticals, the internet is awash with attempts to solve among the contemporary film’s small hidden mysteries. This article explores the franchise’s favourite smuggler…turned freedom, fighter…turned businessman…turned GENERAL, for answers.

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that is Lando?
are Lando and Han Solo friends?
Why is Lando wearing Han’s clothes?
What is Lando Calrissian wearing on his Wrist?
Why did Lando Betray Han Solo?

Who is Lando?

Baron Landonis Balthazar Calrissian III is a personality in the Star wars universe. A smuggler, a trickster, a friend? little is known around his developmental years; us only understand that he attracted his very first breath on the earth of Socorro about 43 years before the fight of Yavin, and quickly occurred a hand for the card video game sabacc. He first appears in the 1980’s movie The realm Strikes ago (ESB), wherein he performs the role of Baron Administrator the the gas mining nest Cloud City ~ above the planet Bespin in the Anoat sector of the outer Rim Territories. With sharp wits and also an also sharper mustache, Lando was full-on 80’s and full the surprises.


The real-life reason, follow to grainy clip of Billy Dee sat on a Star wars panel in ~ a brand-new Orleans Comic-Con in 2011, to be a an easy costume architecture decision by ESB head designer man Mollo. In ~ the same event, the panelists revealed that in the lore, Han’s “outfits” were in reality uniforms that the long-defunct Corellian Corps group that had wound up in his possession. Perhaps Solo’s donning of the uniforms was a symbolic resurrection that the corps in his fight against the ever-tightening grip of the Empire. Maybe the previously selfish Lando was merely carrying top top that emotion as he all set to danger his own life, and also his favourite ship, on a mission to save his friend.

What is Lando Calrissian wearing on his Wrist?

Lando regularly wore a polytheistic wrist attach on his wrist. He regularly used his wrist attach for communication purposes in and around the mining operation.

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Why walk Lando Betray Han Solo?

He did therefore to save his mining operation and everyone within its round of influence. Prior to the occasions in ESB Lando had actually been operation quietly under the Empire’s nose. This low-key method to operations was already stifling Cloud City’s profitability since of supply and understaffing issues. Together Baron Administrator, he can ill afford come tempt Darth Vader’s wrath since his civilization would probably suffer the most and also for generations. As lot as Lando respected, or even loved, Han there to be no way he can turn over his whole swarm to be ruined for one man. Vader controlled to gain to Cloud City prior to Han, Leia, and also Chewbacca did, which to be a vast advantage for lulling them right into a false feeling of security before springing the trap.