When you need to ship other that needs to continue to be cool, you probably recognize that making use of a Styrofoam cooler is your ideal bet. Carry out you understand why, though? even if it is you are shipping food that requirements to be retained cool to remain fresh or friend are sending out a live reptile, you need temperature-controlled packaging to ensure the the delivery arrives safely.

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Much favor wrapping up in layers of clothing helps you remain warm during cold weather, Styrofoam keeps items cool through insulating them versus heat. Let’s take it a closer look at the science behind a Styrofoam cooler.

What Is Styrofoam?

Let’s begin with the basics. Styrofoam is the trademarked name for polystyrene foam. This petroleum-based plastic is lightweight and serves together an reliable insulator. As such, it does a great job the keeping heat out of things favor coolers. Due to the fact that it is reasonably firm, it additionally helps administer a degree of security for items when in transit native one location to another.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity refers to a material’s capacity to command heat. Some materials — especially metals — conduct warmth well while rather — favor Styrofoam — conduct it poorly. Both varieties are helpful in specific circumstances, however when it comes to protecting item in a package indigenous the warmth of the exterior environment, you need a product that is a bad conductor. This helps keep the cool air inside the package while maintaining the warm air out.

How Styrofoam Insulates

Styrofoam is primarily made of air. This provides it a bad conductor of warm but terrific insulator. The air is trapped in small pockets in the polystyrene, and also it block the flow of heat. In shipping, a small Styrofoam cooler creates a cold zone in ~ a package that allows heat from the exterior in at a very slow rate. This provides it possible to delivery frozen and perishable item safely, also when it takes a few days for a package to reach its destination.


While a Styrofoam cooler walk a good job of maintaining cold items cool for long periods that time, they don’t cool items that are currently warm. Therefore, ice cream or cold packs should be supplied to cool the within of the container.

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Benefits of using Styrofoam Coolers

When you should ship item that room temperature sensitive, Styrofoam coolers are an effective and affordable solution. They are favored through the food service industry since they are less costly than various other products and they provide much better insulation to save food fresh longer. Due to the fact that they space made mostly of air, castle are extremely lightweight and also don’t journey up shipping costs.

Styrofoam coolers come in plenty of sizes. Even if it is you need a little or a big Styrofoam cooler because that shipping, it’s feasible to discover exactly what friend need. From tiny boxes offered to delivery pharmaceutical assets to bigger containers the are suitable for fresh meal delivery kits and also more, there are different sizes for every application.

Because they space durable and easy come clean, Styrofoam coolers deserve to be used and reused number of times. They occupational just as well for camping or fishing trips as other layouts of coolers, and also they are good to litter in the back of your vehicle for as soon as you choose up frozen groceries. Contrasted to other varieties of coolers, lock are extremely affordable and also lightweight.


Styrofoam coolers space the perfect solution once you have to ship frozen or perishable items. Your light weight way they won’t substantially increase her shipping costs, and their an easy design provides them affordable to purchase. When supplied with ice or cold packs, they have the right to keep food and other items cold for number of days.

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It’s essential to note, though, the Styrofoam isn’t one of the many environmentally trusted materials. That takes century to malfunction in landfills, so it’s extremely crucial to recycle her Styrofoam coolers. Countless recycling programs accept Styrofoam, and also in part instances, shippers will certainly take them back for recycling. You can likewise reuse your Styrofoam coolers for camping trips, hunting and also fishing expeditions, road trips or even backyard barbecues. You may likewise have some luck giving them for cost-free on a neighborhood sales site. There space a many of people who will certainly gladly take it them off your hands to use for their very own purposes.