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HD song is a tough drive trial and error program for home windows that can inspect the basic health the a tough drive, run a scan because that errors, and also perform a benchmark read test.

The regime is basic to use, supports internal and external warehouse devices, and also lets friend copy the end all the details it finds.


Easy come use

Can copy any type of information come the clipboard

Some attributes are customizable

Can save any type of information as a screenshot image

Supports all varieties of hard drives

much more About HD tune

HD track is a Windows-based tough driver tester — it functions for home windows 7, home windows Vista, home windows XP, and also 2000, officially, but we had no trouble using it in home windows 10 and also Windows 8.

HD song works with any type of internal or external hard drive, SSD, or memory card. You can change the device you"re utilizing from the drop-down food selection at the peak of the screen.

The 4 tabs of the program are Benchmark, Info, Health, and also Error Scan. While the benchmark check is operation in the an initial tab, the Info page is simply for displaying the drive"s supported features, serial number, capacity, and other basic information.

Self-Monitoring analysis and Reporting an innovation (SMART) qualities are presented in the Health tab when the error scan is perform in the critical tab.

Benchmark settings deserve to be modified native the Options page to readjust the speed of the test and the block size provided to read data indigenous the drive. As soon as a check is launched, you deserve to see the minimum, maximum, and average transport rate and the access time, burst rate, and CPU intake used throughout the benchmark.

HD Tune likewise displays the temperature of the journey in question, both at the top of the screen and also in the an alert area that the windows taskbar. Girlfriend can define a details number for a "critical temperature" from the Options so the temperature will screen in a different color to easily understand once the drive is overheating.

Our think on HD song

We like HD Tune since it not only allows you run an error scan but likewise a benchmark review test, which countless other hard drive testers don't permit. HD Tune likewise includes smart details, i m sorry is constantly a plus.

Many other hard drive testers let girlfriend export SMART details to a file, however HD song only allows you copy it come the clipboard. This is obviously no a huge concern yet may be stroked nerves if you plan on to run the regime on number of computers and also would choose an easy means to save all the information.

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To avoid downloading a psychological of the experienced version, scroll under a bit on the download web page to discover HD Tune, skipping end HD tune Pro.