It’s come time for your automobile to go for a auto inspection. Only there shows up to it is in a problem. Your car’s airbag light is on, and you’re now worried it will cause your car to fail the inspection.

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You may have recently bought a new car, to uncover that the airbag light is on, and also this no reported together a fault. Now you need to have the vehicle inspected, and also it has actually become secondary problem for you to worry about. Or, you might even have actually been driving, and the airbag light suddenly appeared on the dash.


Should her vehicle’s airbag be absent or her airbag light be inoperative, your car will fail the MOT inspection. However, the is incredibly crucial to keep in mind that if the passenger airbag light has actually been switched off, this is not grounds because that you come fail the MOT inspection.

As long as the passenger airbag light isn’t displaying a system fault and also the airbag is active and in the car, you will certainly pass the MOT inspection.

Why Is This Important?

Passing an MOT inspection is crucial if you want your auto to be roadworthy. If an airbag light is illuminated, inoperative, or missing, you will certainly fail one MOT inspection. The is vital to recognize what could reason your auto to fail the MOT inspection.

This is so the you protect against wasting her time and also the threat of having actually an unroadworthy car.

What does It average If My automobile Airbag light Is On?

A car airbag light deserve to come on and also stay on for many various reasons. If you deserve to identify these reasons, you deserve to fix the airbag fault before taking it for a regular or MOT inspection.

Your car Airbags room No much longer Active

Perhaps the most apparent reason your vehicle airbag irradiate is top top is the the auto airbags were deployed. If you have purchased a vehicle or want to to buy a car, girlfriend will require to check if the airbags space still active. If the airbags went off, this can be why your car displays a inspect airbag light on the dash.

Presently and in the future, this could save friend time and money and also alert you come any feasible car accidents.

The cars Steering Wheel was Removed

Another factor your car’s airbag light could be on is if someone take it the steering wheel off in ~ some allude in time. Remove of the steering wheel breaks the electric connection in between the airbag sensors and the car’s engine manage unit. This would lead to a inspect airbag light coming up.

This way that somebody can have had actually to change your car steering wheel, and they no reconnect the airbag. Otherwise, it can simply median that her steering wheel was eliminated to gain accessibility to the steering column. One of two people way, you will must take the car into a mechanic or auto shop. Castle can address the airbag light being on and solve it.

There Is An electrical Fault In your Car

Additionally, your vehicle airbag light could be on as result of an electrical fault. Since the airbag functions off the sensors, over there is a lot of wiring around the steering column. This could reason a wiring fault that can be triggering your airbag light to move on.

Should this be what is transpiring, you will need to take your car to one auto electrician. The auto electrician would certainly then have to follow the wires to identify the fault and also fix it. When they have discovered the fault and fixed it, the airbag light must switch off.

Your auto Was In an Accident

Frequently one airbag light being on is one indication the a young accident occurred. Any kind of past accident or future accident could be the cause of her car’s airbag light being on. Even an accident that hasn’t led to the airbags to deploy could cause the airbag irradiate to switch on.

Taking the automobile into a mechanic to execute a diagnostic check will assist to solve the difficulty of the light gift on. Additionally, it would likewise alert girlfriend to any other potential issues.

Why Is This Important?

It is necessary to recognize why your airbag light is on. Understanding why that is on will alert you to what you should do come fix it. You will certainly also boost the likelihood of your vehicle passing an MOT inspection top top the an initial try.

In conclusion, your car won’t pass or fail a conventional or consistent inspection if the airbag light is on. However, if you don’t resolve the issue, the vehicle will no pass one MOT inspection. After a regular inspection, you should know how to settle the airbag light issue.

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You will additionally learn how conveniently you will must fix it. Friend will likewise understand what is required for you to happen an MOT inspection.