over fifteen year ago, among the many successful adventure movie series, The Chronicles the Narnia, to be made. Based on C.S. Lewis" saga, the an initial movie of the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, came out in 2005. 3 years later, Prince Caspian followed, and finally, in 2010, the critical movie (so far) to be released, The voyage of the Dawn Treader. There room rumors that a fourth movie is in the works, however there isn"t lot info around it yet.

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transparent the 3 movies, fans have actually grown attached to the characters, and also have cried and laughed v them together they watched them get over their problems. Now, years later, let"s review some the the most amazing facts about the movies and the cast.

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Georgie Henley, together fans surely know, illustrated the lovely Lucy, the youngest the the Pevensie siblings. She was just eight years old when she was provided the role, which is beyond impressive, and according come her, among the factors she go a an excellent job is because she was also young to fully understand what to be going on.

"Luckily with Narnia i was so young that i wasn’t yes, really thinking about it. If I would have gotten the role of Lucy now, ns would certainly be much more worried," Georgie said. "When ns think about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, what a mammoth job in regards to taking this beloved publication that therefore many people have their principles with, and they desire it to it is in the best that it can be."

While The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was filmed in brand-new Zealand in that entirety, Prince Caspian took the cast all over the world. According to Anna Popplewell, they began shooting in new Zealand, a month traveling roughly the country and a month in a studio in Auckland. Then, lock spent 4 months traveling through Eastern Europe. Many of the work, she said, was done in Prague and also other urban in the Czech Republic, and they also went to Slovenia and also Poland for short periods of time.

Aslan was one of the many important characters in the story. The lion to be the one that guided the siblings, specifically the youngest two, Edmund and Lucy, he defended them, and helped them come to be the rulers the Narnia needed. The incredible guy behind such a solid character to be none various other than Academy compensation winner Liam Neeson.

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He had actually a lot of fun gift on the movies, and one the the things he"s the many proud of is how he and also Georgie Henley shown the relationship between Aslan and also Lucy.

when Georgie was really talented since she was very little, she was still a child as soon as she auditioned for the first Narnia movie. So, in order to store her from getting intimidated, neither her parents no one the producers told her she was auditioning for such a big project.

"When I an initial auditioned I thought it to be for a pantomime nearby by to where I lived. Ns didn’t recognize it was a movie until around six months in. They did together a good job at hiding it," she explained. "The substantial distance of walking to brand-new Zealand, that felt choose this huge leap. I remember me and my mum speak goodbye to mine dad, it to be so hard. Feather at every other and saying "Okay, we’re yes, really doing this. This is really happening. Let’s perform this." yet we to be so defended when us were filming."

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Ben Barnes joined the Narnia cast playing Prince Caspian in the 2nd movie, and also apparently, the producers and also directors knew right away the he was the right male for the role. They had actually been trying to find someone to play the part for about a year, till someone from casting saw the in a play and also asked him to send a tape come the director. He climate did a display screen test, and also a pair of weeks later on he was on his method to new Zealand.

"When I acquired to new Zealand, ns spoke v the various other cast, that told me for the an initial film the audition process had lasted around 18 months, and they to be fuming v jealousy the mine was three weeks begin to finish," Ben said around it.

v the make of the very first two films, Georgie became really close v William Moseley, the guy who play the enlarge brother, Peter. The 2 of them have actually a strong bond come this day, and also according to Georgie that"s because relationships between the characters replicates their household relationships.

"I think the reason we have this shortcut is due to the fact that in my family I"m the youngest—I have two larger sisters, I"m the baby. And also in Will"s family he"s the large brother," she explained. "He"s constantly there if you want to have actually a cuddle on set, i beg your pardon is lovely. As soon as you"re feeling down, Will"s constantly there, and also he"s constantly happy, unless you"ve just done a shouting scene. Ns think the factor why us all have this chemistry and bond is since we"ve basically grown increase together, almost. We"ve spent years together. It"s crazy, isn"t it?"