ns am installation a 60 amp subpanel in a workshop in mine backyard and also I will have actually 2 - 20 amp services with 4-5 outlets on each and also 1 - 15 amp company for lighting. The size from the main panel come the workshop is around 105 feet. I will certainly be utilizing a dual pole 60 and also GFI circuit breaker in the key panel come a 60 amp pull the end on outside of work-related shop then within to the subpanel. What would certainly be a good size wire. I may run one saw at a time or a couple of saws.

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6AWG copper wire would certainly be the minimum for a 60A subpanel yet with a 105ft distance you have actually too much voltage drop and need come go as much as 4AWG copper to save the voltage drop in ~ acceptable boundaries (usually 5%).



The National electrical Code book / article 110.14 (c)(1) identify temperature limitations for circuits and feeders that 100 amp or less. If the circuit is 100 amp or much less you have to size the conductors based on the 60-degree celsius tower unless the breaker and the devices terminations space rated for 75 or 90 degrees.

You need to use a #4 conductor to feed a 60 amp circuit.


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