Inserting text

The insertion point—also referred to as a cursor—is the blinking line in your document that indicates where text will be placed when girlfriend type. There space several means to relocate an insertion point.

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When you are in one Office file, your pointer transforms from an arrow (

) right into an I-beam(

The I-beam reflects where your computer mouse pointer is. The blinking insertion point mirrors where your following word will certainly be as soon as you begin typing.

Once the tip leaves the Word document to do a home windows function, the changes earlier into one arrow.

Notice the line that indicates the end of your document. You cannot move your insertion allude below this line.


Moving the insertion point

To relocate the insertion point:Use her mouse to move your insertion allude anywhere in ~ the document. Relocate your computer mouse until the I-beam is whereby you desire your insertion suggest to be, climate click.Use her arrow keys to relocate the insertion suggest up, down, left, or right. These activities will move the insertion suggest one room or heat at a time. This method is especially helpful if girlfriend only require to relocate a couple of spaces or lines back in a file to do a correction.Hold the Control key (Ctrl) and press up or down arrow keys to jump up or down a i at a time.Press Page Down (Pg Dwn) come jump down the document one home window at a time.

Backspace and also Delete keys

You have the right to use the Backspace and also Delete secrets to erase message in your document.

The Backspace key will erase the message to the left the the insertion point one personality at a time.The Delete vital (located under the insert key) will certainly erase the message to the right that the insertion point.

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Keep in psychic that once text is selected, pressing any key will delete it. The Undo button often come in handy because that this common mistake!


Moving the insertion pointOpen Word.Notice the insertion point at the start of a document.Press the up and down arrows.Notice that the insertion allude cannot be relocated right at this point.Practice utilizing your mouse to move the insertion suggest around the page.Backspace and DeleteObserve the differences in between the Backspace and also Delete keys.